Responding to feedback from its most active users, PubMatch, the online rights management and promotion platform, is opening up access to its complete set of features to all users.

“The overwhelming response from our members is that rights holders at all levels—from large publishers like Wiley to small indie publishers and authors—can use the tools PubMatch provides,” explains Seth Dellon, PubMatch’s director of product and business development. PubMatch, co-owned by Publishers Weekly and the Combined Book Exhibit, offers its users a menu of rights—specific tools, including a title database, rights catalogue, user-to-user networking, and more.

Starting at BEA, PubMatch’s complete toolkit will be available to users at every subscription level. Users can register for subscriptions ranging from $19.99 annually for publishers who have 20 titles in PubMatch, up to $199.99 annually for publishers with 250 titles. Custom versions are also available for users requiring a larger title database. All levels of membership include a 90-day free trial.

Along with the new subscription levels, PubMatch is relaunching its rights transaction tool, Rights@PubMatch. With the new tool, which is being introduced at BEA, rights buyers and sellers can now negotiate prices and terms, and rights sellers can make titles available for sale with a “make me an offer” designation, rather than spelling out the price and terms up front. Dellon notes, “We’ve got about six months of user feedback that helped guide the new Rights@PubMatch workflow, and with this launch, we anticipate a huge influx of titles with rights available for purchase.” The newly designed Rights@PubMatch also comes with a lowered commission of 15% on the advance price of rights transacted on the system.

PubMatch announced a partnership with IPG earlier this year and already boasts a membership of 11,000 rights holders. Publishers and others interested in learning more can find PubMatch at booth 1850.

This article appeared in the May 27, 2015 edition of PW BEA Show Daily.