The last two years have seen some major shifts at Danbury, Conn.-based Westchester Publishing Services, a composition and editorial services company with a focus on the trade; academic and scholarly; professional and institutional; and STM publishing markets.

Services have expanded from straight trade work to more heavily designed coffee-table books and college textbooks, and on to emerging digital products like the digital versions of the Norton Anthology titles. Where WPS differs from its competitors is that it provides all phases of the process. “We’re a rare beast in the sense that we can pick up the project after developmental editing and take it through to the final products, even posting to printers, Amazon, HighWire, and other platforms on behalf of the publisher,” says Tyler Carey, director of business development.

The company continues to expand its international reach. WPS’s 2008 purchase of Antares Publishing Services Private Ltd., a Chennai, India, production facility, cemented the company’s ability to exceed client demands for prepress and editorial services. This past year, WPS opened new space in New Delhi, which focuses on editorial project management. “We see the India side as well as our domestic business growing,” Carey says. “All three locations have room for expansion, which allows us to continue growing.”

An employee-owned company since 2014, WPS, says CEO Dennis Pistone, “has unusually high average employee tenure for our industry. We’ve taken this step to accomplish an orderly transition, provide dependable service for our clients into the future, and to retain the talent that has made our company a valued resource for publishers since 1969,” says CEO Dennis Pistone.

This article appeared in the May 11, 2016 edition of PW BEA Show Daily.