ITA is proud to showcase 16 Italian publishing companies in its Italian Pavilion. Italian publishers are offering a great assortment of adult and children’s titles, many with U.S. rights still available. The Italian Hall is organized by ITA-Chicago and ITA-Rome, in collaboration with the Italian Publishers’ Association and Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

AG Book Publishing

AG Book Publishing is an independent publisher based in Rome. It publishes a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, comics, and books in many languages, with particular attention to performing arts, the environment and nature, and children’s literature.

Carthusia Edizioni

Since 1987 Carthusia Edizioni has been designing and publishing educational and informational children’s books on topical issues including health, human rights, natural resources, and protecting the environment—everything kids need to know about the modern world. Carthusia also publishes wordless books and is the main organizer of the Silent Book Contest, the first international award dedicated to books without words.

CSA Editrice

CSA Editrice is known for its dictionaries, essays, illustrated books for children, leisure books, memoirs, monographs, novels, poetry, and university textbooks. Based in Italy, it publishes more than 100 titles per year and is in touch with publishers in Canada, China, Europe (including the U.K.), India, Russia, South America, the U.S., and various Arab countries. CSA Editrice owns IBA (the International Book Agency), a literary agency that represents titles worldwide by Italian authors and bestsellers and potential bestsellers by authors from other countries.


DeAgostini Publishing is the main business arm of DeAgostini Editore, a world leader in collectibles, scale models to assemble, and educational products for children sold via subscription and retail in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Russia. The joint venture with Grupo Planeta, Editorial Planeta DeAgostini, is an ambitious plan for leadership consolidation and product development and distribution. The goal is to become the first international operator in the collectible, flowpack, and home entertainment products sectors through subscription commerce, expanding the retail sale of products worldwide.


Founded in 1951, Golinelli partners with prestigious property developers and luxury lifestyle brands worldwide. It specializes in annual reports, bespoke magazines and look-books, corporate marketing communications, fine catalogs and coffee-table books, presentation boxes, and tags and luxury invitation cards. Golinelli’s location in Italy has a rich heritage of world-class manufacturing and traditional craftsmanship, which is globally recognized through the exquisite work that it consistently produces for diverse international markets.


Graphofeel is excited to present Guido Crapanzano’s Amadeo Peter Giannini: The Banker Who Invested in the Future. In 1904, in a San Francisco coffee bar, Giannini created Bank of Italy, later Bank of America, which by 1945 was the largest commercial bank in the world. The son of immigrants from Italy’s Liguria region, Giannini changed the world of credit by lending money to immigrants and members of the middle and working classes, and believed in ethical finance: “A banker should consider himself a servant of the people, a servant of the community,” he said. He also provided funding for the Golden Gate Bridge and was a friend and supporter of Charlie Chaplin, Frank Capra, and Walt Disney.

Gruppo Albatros

During its first 20 years, Gruppo Albatros has become one of the leading publishers in Europe based on the number of titles it publishes annually. It has also grown internationally, expanding to Australia, France, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Spain, the U.K., and the U.S., which has enabled it to discover new authors and find new readers.

Kaba Edizioni

Italian publisher Al3vie is a Kaba Edizioni company with a carefully chosen list of titles for young people and adults, many award winning. Publications include essays, fables, and novels, plus books on eating disorders, feminist themes, and gender studies. There are works by and about European and American women writers, including books about Kate Chopin and Louise Michel.

Paesi Edizioni

Paesi (“Countries”) Edizioni, a publishing house with offices in Milan, Rome, and Tuscany, specializes in high quality Italian and international publications. Paesi publishes literary essays, magazines, novels, and e-books on subjects including the arts, economics and finance, geopolitics and foreign affairs, intelligence and terrorism, sciences, security and technology, and sociology and psychology. Paesi’s publications are available in print and digital formats; Messaggerie Libri and others distribute its titles to bookshops, and Emme Promozione and others handle book promotion.


Prinp focuses on art and architecture, design, photography, poetry, and theater. In addition to prestigious illustrated books, exhibition catalogs, and artist’s books, Prinp publishes essays on art history and theater with forays into autobiographies, economics, the environment, fiction, pedagogy, politics, and sociology. Founded in the late 2000s as a platform for cross-media publishing, Prinp uses web tools and new technologies to publish, print, sell, share, and distribute print and digital books. Prinp has always been a place of experimentation, where the arts meet self-publishing, enabling artists and writers to transform their work through innovative printing and binding technologies.

Scripta Maneant

Founded in 2007, Scripta Maneant is a publishing house whose editorial mission is to inspire the highest values in art and culture. Each handcrafted Scripta Maneant volume is a tribute to Italian excellence.

Storie Cucite

An Italian children’s publishing house, Storie Cucite publishes elegant, poetic, and thought-provoking picture books and novels, drawing on a belief in the power of stories to improve imagination and language skills. Storie Cucite specializes in inclusive AAC symbol books, perfect for readers of various ages and backgrounds. Visit the booth to discuss upcoming releases and projects, chat with authors, and learn more about Storie Cucite.


Tunué is among the leading publishing houses in Italy in its field. It publishes graphic novels for children and adults, as well as essays, illustrated books, and novels. The Tunué list includes contemporary Italian and international authors, including Jérémie Moreau, Paco Roca, David Rubín, Tony Sandoval, and Gene Luen Yang.

Ventura Edizioni

Interpreting beauty from a different point of view is part of the mission of Ventura Edizioni, a publishing house founded in Senigallia, Italy, in 2015. It’s named after its founder, Catia Ventura, who has been a journalist and a bookseller, with extensive experience in public relations, organizing literary events, and managing nonprofit presses. One of the company’s hallmarks is its long-term, dedicated relationships with authors postpublication.

Vinciana Editrice

Vinciana Editrice is a small, family-run publishing house founded in 1976. Its Leonardo Collection is a series of 48 instructional art books aimed at anyone who wants to develop a knowledge of traditional painting and drawing skills. The series has been translated into seven languages and is distributed worldwide. The first five books in the collection are used in numerous art schools and academies.


Launched on Jan. 1, 2001, in Reggio Emilia, Italy, Zoolibri publishes high quality illustrated children’s books. It produces its own titles and translates works from abroad. The press frequently works with young Italian illustrators for its books, which are translated into many languages for the international market. To talk books, drop by the booth.

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