Simon & Schuster's Atria Books imprint has struck a three-book deal with F.J. Lennon for a series based on his popular video game app, Soul Trapper. Emily Bestler, v-p and editorial director of Atria, took world English rights to the three planned titles from Peter Steinberg of The Steinberg Agency.

The game, which has sold about 25,000 copies according to the publisher, follows a Hollywood-based 27-year-old musician who's given a device called a Soul Trap that turns him into an unlikely ghostbuster of sorts, allowing him to capture ghosts on Earth and send them to the great beyond. Although Atria couldn't yet speak to potential publicity plans, it's assumed that the imprint will be able to work off of the existing game platform to create tie-in potential for the books. The story idea was also tracking in Hollywood--we reported back in August that CAA is representing the film rights for the book and there was some interest on the left coast. No word yet about a film deal, though.