Last week Amazon announced, to little surprise, that it would be selling the Kindle edition of Dan Brown's forthcoming (and presumed megaselling) The Lost Symbol for $9.99. (Random House's North American print run is five million, and the house is doing another 1.5 million for the U.K., South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.) That $9.99 price is a 67% discount off of Random House's $29.95 cover price. (The title is, by the way, Amazon's current bestseller and has been, according to the e-tailer, since it became available for ordering on April 20.) Customers who want to manually flip the pages of Brown's latest book can pay $16.17 for the title at Amazon, a 46% discount off of the list price. Of course, Amazon isn't the only major retailer offering a hefty discount on the biggest book of the season. Here, what the other chains are charging for Brown's latest in print and, when appropriate, in digital*:

RandomHouse.comHardcover: $29.95Large-print trade paper: $
Kindle: $9.99
Hardcover: $16.17
Large-print trade paper: $16.74
eBook: $9.99
Hardcover: $17.97
Large-print trade paper: $23.25
Hardcover: $17.97 soon
eBook: $9.99**
Hardcover: $14.50
Hardcover: $14.38
Hardcover: $20.96
Hardcover: $16.01
Hardcover: C$22.17

*All available print and digital formats from each retailer are listed; audio editions are excluded.

**Price when it goes on sale Sept. 15.