Amid the flurry of musician bios being acquired and published--Harry Belafonte's latest is out next week, and Dutton just announced its purchase of Duran Duran bassist John Taylor's book--Random House has nabbed Rod Stewart's forthcoming autobiography. In a joint deal with Random House U.S. and Random House U.K., Arnold Stiefel of Stiefel Entertainment sold the currently untitled book, which is set for 2012. In the U.S., the book will be coming from Crown Archetype, with Tina Constable having handled the Stateside acquisition.

Speaking to the book, Stewart said: "I thought long and hard before committing to write my book. It is a funny old thing telling my life story but I truly intend to hold nothing back. I’ve had quite a life, known some extraordinary people and had some amazing experiences. I’ve waited all this time, until my 50th year in the business and realize I can no longer put it off. Forget skeletons in the closet; this one’s going to be socks and knickers under the bed."