Red Wheel Weiser, best known for its New Age, spiritual and inspirational titles, its broadening the scope of its program by acquiring Disinformation Books from the Disinformation Company. The deal involves over 80 backlist titles. “We’ve admired Disinformation’s publishing program for years and their books will add a new dimension to our family of imprints,” said Red Wheel Weiser publisher Jan Johnson.

Disinformation’s top sellers include Everything You Know is Wrong, by Russ Kick, Supernatural, by Graham Hancock, and The Terror Conspiracy, by Jim Marrs. Disinformation Company president Gary Baddeley will continue to be involved in the acquisition of new titles for the imprint and work with his established authors while continuing to direct the Disinformation Company that remains involved in film production, electronic publishing and running its Web site. Red Wheel will acquire and publish new titles under the Disinformation Books imprint beginning spring 2013. This fall, Red Wheel will feature two popular Disinformation books on its list: The Master Game, by Graham Hancock, and You Are Still Being Lied To, by Russ Kick, and will begin publishing new books next spring. The first title in the new Disinformation imprint will be Create Your Own Religion, by Daniele Bolelli.

Disinformation Books has been distributed to the trade by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution, who will continue to accept returns until November 30. Effective immediately, all orders for Disinformation books should be directed to: Red Wheel Weiser, 65 Parker Street, Suite 7, Newburyport, MA 01950.