Janet Evanovich has signed an eight-book deal with Random House's Ballantine Bantam Dell division, agreeing to do four more books in her bestselling Stephanie Plum series for the publisher, as well as four books in a new series to be written with Lee Goldberg. The agreement continues a relationship Evanovich began with RH in 2010, when she made a splash moving to the house from her longtime publisher St. Martin's Press after the Macmillan division failed to offer a rumored $50 million advance to keep her.

Gina Centrello, president and publisher of RHPG, as well as Libby McGuidre, at BBD, bought world rights from Peter Evanovich, the author's son and agent. The first book in the new series, which follows FBI agent named Kate Winslow and a fugitive named Danny Cole, is scheduled for fall 2013 and RH said it will "be a thrilling combination of crime, romance, and adventure." Notorious Nineteen, the next Plum novel, is set for November 2012.

Goldberg wrote the Diagnosis Murder book series, as well as a string of bestsellers based on the TV show Monk. RH said there are over 75 million copies of Evanovich's books in print.