Michelle Knight, one of three women kidnapped by Ariel Castro and held captive for years in his Cleveland, Ohio, home, is telling her story. Knight sold a memoir about her horrific ordeal--she was the first woman Castro snatched, and was in captivity for 11 years--to Weinstein Books. In the deal, Amanda Murray and Georgina Levitt at Weinstein took world rights from agent Jan Miller at Dupree Miller & Associates.

The book, which is not yet titled, is set for spring 2014 and will, the publisher said, "cover the events of [Knight's] early life, her abduction, and the present day. It will reveal new details about her year alone in captivity as the first victim, as well as her escape." Speaking about the book, Knight said that she wants to "give every victim of violence a new outlook on life. Victims need to know that no matter how hard it rains in the darkness, they will have the strength and courage that God gave them when they were born to rise above and overcome any obstacle that stands in their way."