Ken Follett’s forthcoming trilogy, The Century, was expected to draw big foreign deals in Frankfurt as we reported back in early October. Now Writers House confirms the series has, and then some. CEO of Writers House Amy Berkower said Follett has thus far landed deals, including the American one, totaling $50 million.

“Ken’s European publishers have embraced it," she said, noting that deals have closed in Spain, Italy, England, France and in the U.S. (where Dutton is set to publish). Now the book is being shopped elsewhere, as the agency takes the title to what it calls “the next tier of target territories around the world.”

The news comes as Follett's current release, World Without End, continues to top local and international bestseller lists. That title debuted at #1 in Italy, where it came out on September 18. It also, at one point, held the top spot on the PW, NYT and WSJ besteller lists.