Rabia Chaudry, who appeared on NPR's podcast sensation Serial, sold a book called Adnan's Story to St. Martin's Press. The nonfiction work, SMP said, will be "an insider account" of the legal case against Adnan Syed, whose murder conviction was the subject of Serial. Adnan's Story is currently set for a September 2016 release.

The book was sold by Lauren Abramo at Dystel & Goderich. Chaudry, a lawyer and a family friend of Syed's, has been protesting the handling of his case for years. She was also the catalyst behind Serial. After numerous legal appeals were exhausted, she brought the case to the attention of This American Life reporter Sarah Koenig in the hope that media coverage would reignite interest in the case.

Chaudry's book, SMP said, was done with Syed's cooperation and, in attempting to discredit the state's case against him, will present "never-before-published letters written by him from prison." In addition to being "Adnan's personal story," the book, SMP added, will be "a testament to a thoroughly broken system that convicts tens of thousands of innocent people, and how the power of the media and public can move rigid institutions to bring about justice."

Silissa Kenney at SMP acquired North American rights in the deal.

This article has been updated with new deal information. Additionally, it has been corrected to reflect the fact that Sarah Koenig is a reporter for This American Life, not All Things Considered.