Flatiron Books has revealed the title and focus of the first book in Joe Biden's three-book pact with the publisher. Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose is scheduled for November, and will be published in tandem with a series of public conversations called the American Promise Tour. The book is part of an agreement that was reported to be worth $8 million.

The American Promise Tour and book launch will debut on November 12 with a conversation between Biden and Oprah Winfrey on Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday show on the Own Network.

After the Oprah appearance, the former Vice President will launch the American Promise Tour, a series of speaking events around the country. The tour will promote the memoir and offer people the chance to hear Biden speak about his life, and political career. The book will focus on the year 2015, and how Biden struggled to carry out his official duties while his son was being treated for brain cancer. The book also explores the 2016 election, the political pressure Biden faced to run for president.

Tickets to the American Promise Tour will go on sale July 28 (pre-sales begin July 18). The 19-city tour will launch in New York City at Lincoln Center on November 13. More information on the tour and the book can be found at JoeBidenBook.com.

“I understand how many people in this country go through far worse than I have, with far less support,” Biden said. “I'm looking forward to talking with people all over the country on this book tour, not only about my experiences, but about how much we have in common, and what we can do together to continue to build on the great promise of America.”