Harlequin has signed a new agreement with Brain Power Studio that will allow the global media company to ramp up its output for the Harlequin Film Collection. To date, eight films have been produced based on Harlequin books under the existing partnership, and the new venture will enable Harlequin to raise its equity stake in the films, giving Brain Power Studio further access to the collection and allowing an increase the number of films it produces each year.

The collection includes original romantic movies adapted from the Harlequin’s vast trove of titles. Among the eight films already produced under the partnership include A Very Country Christmas, My Perfect Romance, A Very Country Wedding, and the upcoming After the Storm

“We are excited to fortify this partnership that has been very prolific since 2017. Working [closely] with the creative team at Harlequin in choosing the books and shaping the adaptations has been a dream,” executive producer and founder of Brain Power Studio, Beth Stevenson, said in a statement. “We look forward to further exploring Harlequin’s wide and varied imprints and bringing the works of their very talented authors to life."

Brent Lewis, Harlequin executive v-p, was also pleased with the expanded arrangement. “Harlequin is thrilled to be elevating our relationship with Brain Power Studio, bringing our authors’ stories to film and delighting our readers,” he said.