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  • Letter from Cevin November 2013

    Before I tell you what’s in store for November, I want to say a heartfelt thank you for making Publishers Weekly’s all-new Children’s Starred Reviews Annual – 2013 a success. Without you it wouldn’t have happened, and it’s a phenomenal issue, including the “50 Best Children’s Books” and more than 350 starred reviews of children’s books. It’ll be in your mailbox and online come November 12th. Wide newsstand distribution, a POD version, online ordering for single copies and distribution at ALA Midwinter and the Winter Institute 9 in January all serve to get your message and brand out there, into the hands of influential book buyers. There’s been quite a bit of buzz about this issue already.

  • Mysteries and PW Select Deadline Today

    Mysteries and PW Select. Deadline Today – November 4, 2013. It’s not too late to be included in the November 18th issue. The deadline is today, November 4th, 2013, and you may contact your rep right now to be included. This issue has two salient editorial features, and it also offers a pre-holiday reinforcement of your message—and a good way to remind booksellers of your holiday titles.

  • Diet and Fitness

    Diet and Fitness – issue date: November 25; reservation deadline: November 12. New Year’s Day resolutions spark diet and fitness book purchases. What are the hot new trends for 2014?

  • PW Publishing Person of the Year 2013

    PW Publishing Person of the Year – issue date: December 2; reservation deadline: November 18. A much anticipated, and sometimes controversial, issue, PW’s Publishing Person of the Year has readers on edge, awaiting the verdict.

  • ALA Midwinter 2014 Preview

    ALA Midwinter 2014 Preview – issue date: December 2; reservation deadline: November 18. ALA Midwinter 2014 will be held in Philadelphia, January 24 – 28, 2014. The preview issue alerts American Library Association members, librarians and other readers to what’s forthcoming at ALA Midwinter.

  • PW’s Top 10 Authors Pick Their Favorite Emerging Authors

    NEW DATES – PW’s Top 10 Authors Pick Their Favorite Emerging Authors – issue date: December 9; reservation deadline: November 25. This issue is a boon for discovering sleepers from PW’s Top 10 authors. A great issue to include literary fiction and nonfiction.

  • African-American Titles December 9 2013

    This issue featuring African-American titles gives booksellers, librarians and book buyers time to plan displays for Martin Luther King Day 2014, January 20.

  • Movie and TV Tie-ins December 9, 2013

    This issue of movie and TV tie-ins covers January – June 2014.

  • PW Select December 2013

    Showcase your publicity, marketing and promotion books to self-published authors.

  • Personal Finance

    Personal Finance – issue date: December 16; reservations deadline: December 2. January brings finances into focus. This feature about personal finance titles is meant for you and your new 2014 personal finance and tax-time titles.

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