Borders has reached an agreement with JiWire, a location-based mobile media company with an advertising platform, to enable companies to run ads across Borders’ Wi Fi network. According to JiWire, any time a user connects to Wi Fi in any Borders’ locations “they will see location-targeted messages and offers from leading national brands.” Under terms of the agreement, Borders will receive a piece of the advertising revenue.

In reaching the deal with Borders, JiWire said it is hoping to cash in on the growing use of cafes by people to link to Wi Fi. "As we see a notable shift in more café locations offering free Wi-Fi, the café owners are looking to find new ways to monetize their networks,” said David Courtney, CEO of JiWire. “These premium café locations have developed a unique audience that is incredibly valuable and we are making it possible for advertisers to have location-specific engagement with this hard to reach On-The-Go Audience." Borders offers Wi Fi service in its superstores and the JiWire advertising service has already kicked in.