The list of stores Borders hopes to close compiled by Hilco, the company hired to liquidate stores targeted for closure has been released as part of the bankruptcy filing. Click here to download the complete list. Of the 642 stores operated by Borders, three were in Puerto Rico (two will be closed) and the balance in the U.S. Most of the 200 stores to be closed are outlets with over 20,000 square feet.

California is losing some of the largest locations with stores set to shutter in Pasadena (40,000 square feet); Montclair (42,000 square feet); and San Francisco (41,841 square feet). Other large locations being closed include the Park Avenue store in New York City (42,600 square feet), the Chicago, Ill., location, on North Clark Street (42,770 square feet), and the Kensington, Md., store (40,352 square feet). Small stores were also not spared, with the 12,500-sqaure-foot space in Dillon, Co., being the tiniest store to be closed down. Other smaller stores being shut down include the Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, location (17,000 square feet).

In a separate filing, Borders reported that as many as another 75 stores may be closed.

As of February 11, Borders had 6,100 full-time employees, approximately 11,400 part-time employees, and approximately 600 contingent employees, who work one shift per month, usually at special events.

Prior to the filing, Borders did not release holiday sales or have a chance to publish its results for the year ended January 29. Through December 25, Borders had sales of approximately $2.3 billion and losses of approximately $168.2 million.

Click here for PDFs of Borders' complete bankruptcy filing and Scott Henry's First Day Declaration.