After 35 years of buying and selling used books, the Atlanta Book Exchange closed its doors on Tuesday, July 5. The Book Exchange inhabited three different locations throughout its lifetime, most recently a tumble-down cottage at the end of a commercial stretch of North Highland, where foot-traffic mostly petered out. Cherished as an old-school, in-town antidote to the big-box booksellers, the Book Exchange was known for crowded shelves and narrow aisles, but also comfy reading nooks and caring booksellers, like the late Jim Degnan and owner Charles Henson.

Though Henson was not available for comment, customers report that he may continue selling books online, but that much of his stock will be going to a book dealer in south Georgia. According to reports from hyperlocal news blog, an “eco-friendly boutique” will be opening in the Book Exchange location in time for Labor Day.