After announcing its intent to make its backlist available through On Demand Books’s Espresso Book Machine last fall, HarperCollins Publishers has now completed the process. And most of its backlist titles are now available as digital files that can be printed at nine independent bookstores with EBMs.

To mark the occasion all nine—which include the two newest to add book machines late last year, Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver and Politics & Prose in Washington, D.C.—will do a ceremonial print run of bookseller/author Ann Patchett’s Truth & Beauty today.

“Physical bookstores, as the recent robust holiday sales have shown, remain a critical channel for customers to discover and buy print books, and we want all HarperCollins titles to be available there, whether carried regularly on shelves or now via print-on-demand machines,” said Josh Marwell, president of sales at HarperCollins, who regards the program as a win for both authors and booksellers.