Max Sound Corp., a provider of high-definition audio solutions, is preparing to launch the MAXD Store, an online audiobook marketplace. The audio technology company will partner with Lissy Peace & Associates, a public relations firm with publishing contacts, to develop an expansive catalog featuring work from authors and publishers.

“The audiobook industry has grown by leaps and bounds with the advances in technology,” Lissy Peace, president of Lissy Peace & Associates, said in a statement. “Max Sound and soon the MAXD Store will bring a much better and more exciting book experience to the consumer.” The MAXD Store is slated to open by mid-summer. According to Max Sound, the new store will offer publishers and authors a more competitive and appealing royalty structure, as well as best-of-breed audio technology. It will also offer interactive forums through which fans can communicate with writers and narrators, as well as previews of upcoming releases. Additionally, the company says it will provide consumers with a competitive price point for audio downloads.

“The rapidly emerging audiobook segment is the result of millions of avid listeners wanting to enjoy books in their car, while traveling, and at work while multi-tasking, and many people with vision problems have been able to discover books again for the first time in years,” James C. Place, director of business development at Max Sound, said in a statement. “Writing is an art. The MAXD process will bring that art to life when added to audiobooks, creating a more enjoyable experience for consumers and a better return on investment for authors, publishers, and entertainment companies alike.”