On October 4, more than 1,500 college stores, including some owned or operated by Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Follett Higher Education Group, and Nebraska Book Co., will participate in the second annual National Student Day, sponsored by the National Association of College Stores. That’s nearly triple the number of stores that took part in last year’s inaugural event. The goal is to celebrate and promote volunteerism and social responsibility, while at the same time encouraging college students to see their school store as a hub of the community.

“For years, college students have been volunteering across their campus community and beyond,” says Charles Schmidt, NACS director of public relations. “From cleaning up a local park to serving as a Big Brother or Big Sister, they have taken time out of their hectic schedules to perform selfless acts without seeking recognition. We felt it was time to applaud these students for their efforts.”

Starting this week, students can submit their stories and videos about social responsibility on the National Student Day Web site. The three most popular efforts, as voted on by other students, will win scholarships; seven random submissions will receive iPads.