Just one week after the American Booksellers Association announced that it will partner with Kobo to sell e-books, the organization said that Ingram Content Group will be the exclusive distributor of Kobo eReaders to ABA members. These include the eReaders that Kobo unveiled earlier this week: Kobo Glo, a front-lit eReader; the Kobo Mini, the smallest full-featured eReader available; and the Kobo Arc, an Android 4.0 multimedia tablet. As part of the program, participating booksellers will receive free displays, demo devices, a cash bonus for participating, rebates for sell-through, and product returnability.

“We believe that Ingram has created a distribution program for Kobo eReaders that is uniquely suited to the needs of indie bookstores, and that offers the options and terms that will make it both easy and advantageous for ABA member stores to offer Kobo’s world-class eReaders to their customers. Ingram’s program reflects the company’s deep understanding of the indie bookselling channel and a clear commitment to helping independents continue to put great reads in the hands of their customers, in whatever format they want,” said ABA CEO Oren Teicher.

“We are eager to launch a digital book program for booksellers with Kobo and the ABA,” said Shawn Everson, chief commercial officer od Ingram Content Group. “We believe it will ultimately help more independent booksellers bring more books to more readers—the result that we’re all looking for."

Device purchases for ABA stores will fall under Ingram’s terms and conditions.