Philadelphia’s oldest bookstore, 76-year-old Robin’s Book Store, will close at the end of the year. Even with cutbacks like closing its annex five years ago or more recently moving to the second floor, the store couldn’t sustain itself. This month the liquidation is continuing in earnest with all books 80% off list (30% off marked) until Thanksgiving, when they go to 90% off. From December 17 to Christmas Eve, customers can fill a box of books and magazines for $20. After that everything is free to nonprofits, including fixtures and tables.

Not that Larry Robin, who has worked at the bookstore his grandfather founded in 1936 for the past 53 years with buyer Paul Hogan, has any intention of leaving the business entirely. Last year through the nonprofit that the store created in 1983 to do events, Moonstone Arts Center, he produced nearly 300 readings and talks. Moonstone, which had offices in the bookstore, will have to relocate, but it will continue to do book-related events at other venues.