WORD Books in Brooklyn, N.Y., is the latest bookstore to start a curated monthly subscription program. But rather than first editions, WORD is offering romance novels selected by bestselling author Sarah MacLean, WORDs of Love Romance of the Month Club, sponsored by Avon Books.

From January through June, 2013, subscribers who pay $60 will be able to choose from a list of MacLean’s favorites in each category of romance. They will also receive extras, including MacLean’s new books as they come out and monthly chats hosted by MacLean. “I’m so thrilled to . . . share my favorite romances with readers. There’s nothing better than recommending romances to other readers...and hearing their take on my favorite books,” says MacLean.

“Sarah has been pivotal in bringing WORD into the romance community,” says WORD events manager Jenn Northington. “We’ve relied on her to help us develop our selection. So this is our opportunity to help share her expertise (as well as her great books) with other readers and fans of the genre.”