Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble are locked in a dispute over terms. Although the exact nature of the disagreement is not yet clear, B&N has significantly reduced its orders from S&S. The main reason for the cutback seems to be, according to sources, B&N's perceived lack of support from S&S.

A B&N spokesperson issued the following statement when asked if the chain has been cutting orders for S&S titles: "As we indicated in our holiday sales report earlier this month, sales of our core business, inclusive of books and magazines, exceeded our expectations, especially physical books. In fact, we believe we gained share in the physical book market this holiday. As the nation's largest physical bookseller, Barnes & Noble supports publishers who support our bookstores."

An S&S spokesperson said the company "does not comment on negotiations with our booksellers," but added that “we are working diligently, as we always do, to secure the widest possible distribution for our books and to make sure they are well stocked and promoted in as many outlets as possible.”

Unlike the disputes Amazon had with Macmillan and Independent Publishers Group, where the e-tailer pulled the buy buttons from titles released by those companies, B&N is continuing to carry S&S books, though quantities have been reduced.