Books-A-Million has never done a big business online, and sales through the Web site fell 8.6% in the fiscal year ended February 2, 2013, the company disclosed in its 10-k filing with the SEC. The decline, to $27.4 million, was attributed to lower sales of digital reading devices which offset higher sales of books and other products.

Sales at its bricks-and-mortar stores rose 8.4% in the year, benefitting from $106.3 million in revenue generated by the 48 stores (most in former Borders locations) opened in the third and fourth quarters in calendar 2011. Comp sales in the year fell 3.6%, due to “sharp declines” in sales of digital readers and decreases in certain book categories. But, just as it did in its conference call discussing year-end results, BAM said the decline in print books was less than expected. Book categories that did well included fiction, graphic novels, and kids, while sales in gifts, media, electronic accessories and café rose. Book and magazine sales accounted for 73.6% of sales in 2012, down from 74.5% in 2011 and electronics, e-books and accessories represented 2.0% of sales, down from 3.4%. General merchandise accounted for 12.6% of sales, up from 11.2% in 2011.

As of February 2, BAM had 257 stores, having opened six stores and closing six during the year.