Following last month’s Senate vote of 75-24 to attach the Marketplace Fairness Act amendment to the FY 2014 Budget Resolution, the Senate is continuing to push forward with online sales tax legislation. Last night the Senate voted 74-20 to bring the Marketplace Fairness Act to the floor for debate.

“Today’s vote is yet another clear signal that the special treatment of online-only retailers will soon be a thing of the past,” said Bill Hughes, senior v-p for government affairs at the Retail Industry Leaders Association. “We welcome this week’s debate and the increasingly inevitable prospect that the playing field will soon be level for all retailers,” said Hughes. Under the bill, online retailers with sales over $1 million must collect sales tax.

While President Obama has said he backs the legislation, it is unclear what its chances are for passage in the House which is gearing up to start hearings on the issue soon.