As the fall semester gets closer Neebo, formerly known as Nebraska Book Co., is offering a textbook rental program for students at participating schools to have their required course material costs included in their tuition and fees and have them available when classes start. Through BookSmart, students receive the lowest prices for textbooks at the local level, or on average 50% off the national textbook average price. The cost per student is calculated based on the total rental cost of textbooks for all students and is divided by the total number of credit hours being taken that year.

“Through the cost and time savings of this program, Neebo’s BookSmart program will help students get their required course materials in time for the first day of class, greatly enhancing their overall educational experience,” said Sean O’Brien, area v-p of Neebo’s College Stores segment.

In addition, under the BookSmart program students can pick up and return textbook rentals at their local participating bookstore.