Small Demons, the L.A.-based book-focused venture that indexes the places, music, food and things mentioned in books, has extended its deadline for finding a buyer or new investor at least another month. Founded by Valla Valkili in 2009, the cash-strapped startup had set November 25 as the deadline for finding a new buyer or shutting down operations completely.

Richard Nash, Small Demons v-p, content and community, said “we’ve extended the deadline because we’ve had enough legit inquiries,” though he cautioned “no buyers yet, though; just shoppers. Serious shoppers.” Nash said the deadline will be extended to December 20.

Small Demons indexes virtually everything mentioned in books from other books to food, music, places, art, personalities, fashion, drinks, cars and more and then links to similar references in other books. The site is described as “a comprehensive collection of the details that live inside a book and the connections of those details to other stories,” according to a promotional video on the site.

The site allows users to catalog books/stuff in collections with these references spread across a universe of titles. The site was able to secure deals with major publishers to index their titles and at one time the site was marketed to libraries as a new way to catalog books in relation to keywords. Originally planned with an e-commerce component, the venture allows users to buy the various books indexed on the site and to download music mentioned in books.