Publishers are bringing dozens of authors to this year’s ninth annual American Booksellers Association Winter Institute in Seattle. To keep track of all the authors and finished books and galleys to look for at the conference, PW has compiled a comprehensive list of the adult books and galleys being given away at this year’s conference, along with the buzz about why specific authors are coming to the Institute. We’ve organized the list alphabetically by author. An asterisk (*) next to the author or illustrator’s name means that she or he will be attending.

The Garden of Burning Sand

by Corban Addison*


May 2014; $26.99 hardcover

First printing: 100,000

Reissue of A Walk Across the Sun in paperback in April 2014

Why the buzz: “Corban’s writing reminds me of Chris Cleave and Khaled Hosseini. In each of the novels Corban writes a mystery that has at its basis a social injustice about which he feels passionate. The Garden of Burning Sand is about a young rape victim, the near insurmountable forces that protect her abuser, and the American lawyer determined to seek justice. He found his inspiration in Africa, a place he has traveled in extensively and come to admire deeply,” says director of sales, marketing publicity Eric Price.

Publicity & marketing plans: 10-city tour

Opening: “The girl walked alone on the darkened street. Lights moved around her as cars drove by, their headlights shining on the dusty roadway, but no one seemed to notice her or care that she was alone.”

The UnAmericans

by Molly Antopol*

W.W. Norton

Feb. 2014; $24.95 hardcover

Why the buzz: “Molly Antopol is a Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford University and was a recipient of the National Book Foundation’s 5 Under 35 award. We’re thrilled to be publishing both her debut story collection, The UnAmericans, and her forthcoming novel,” says Erin Sinesky, assistant director of marketing.

Publicity & marketing plans: 5-city author tour

Opening: “No one wants to listen to a man lament his solitary nights—myself included.”

Josey Baker Bread: Get Baking, Make Great Bread, Be Happy!

by Josey Baker

Chronicle Books

April 2014; $27.50 hardcover

A Fairy Tale

by Jonas T. Bengtsson

trans. by Charlotte Barslund

Other Press

March 2014; $16.95 paperback

Lucky Us

by Amy Bloom

Random House

Aug. 2014:$26 hardcover

First printing: 125,000

Inside Madeleine
by Paula Bomer*
Soho Press
May 2014; $16 paperback original with French flaps
Why the buzz: “The cover says it all,” according to director of marketing and publicity Paul Oliver. “Paula Bomer’s new collection is shocking and poignant, like a startling cross between Alissa Nutting’s Tampa and Denis Johnson’s Jesus’ Son. We honestly believe that Paula is one of the most talented writers out there and with Inside Madeleine we believe she will win the audience she deserves.”

Publicity & marketing plans: Advertising; syndication of stories and content

Opening: “I just want to breathe something that makes me feel like living.”


by Cynthia Bond*


April 2014; $25 hardcover

First printing: 60,000

Why the buzz:Ruby is an epic debut novel that sparkles with a richness and brilliance emblematic of its namesake. Bond has drawn upon her own experiences, her family’s history, and the heartbreaking tales she’s heard through the years working with homeless and at-risk youth, weaving these threads together to create a story that is truly unforgettable; the kind of story that stays with you long after you’ve read the last page. With its unflinching portrait of twisted morality and inhumanity, and the promise of the redemptive power of love, we believe Ruby heralds the arrival of an astonishing new voice,” says Crown publicity manager Dyana Messina.

Publicity & marketing plans: Author appearances and interviews out of Los Angeles; print and book club advertising; blog campaign; buzz mailings to literary magazines and MFA programs.

Opening: “Ruby Bell was a constant reminder of what could befall a woman whose shoe heels were too high.”

Lucky Dog: How Being a Veterinarian Saved My Life

by Sarah Boston

House of Anansi Press

June 2014; $14.95 paperback

First printing: 10,000

My Accidental Jihad

by Krista Bremer*

Algonquin Books

April 2014; $24.95 hardcover

First printing: 35,000

Why the buzz: “I think this is such a brilliant and engaging work of nonfiction, and one filled with tremendous heart. It’s inspired by an article that Bremer wrote for O, The Oprah Magazine in 2010, [which] was then picked up by CNN and became a viral sensation. It’s an uncommon and ultimately inspiring love story between an all-American girl and a Muslim man who was raised in poverty in Libya under Gaddafi’s tyrannical reign. Bremer engagingly examines the precarious crossroads where marriage, motherhood, cultural differences and tolerance intersect,” says director of marketing Craig Popelars.

Publicity & marketing plans: 8-city tour; 20-city radio satellite tour; prepub author appearances; print advertising.

Opening: “Back in 1994, after I stood up on a surfboard for the first time, I thought I might have discovered my purpose in life. Nothing I’d ever done compared to the exhilaration of gliding across the face of a wave.”

Painted Horses

by Malcolm Brooks*

Grove Press

Aug. 2014; $25 hardcover

First printing: 50,000

Why the buzz: “I knew I was in the grip of a writer of rare grace, power, and assurance, and I recognized immediately that he would be a major new voice, who could be for his generation what writers like Jim Harrison and Kent Haruf have been for previous ones. Most of all, it reminded me of the great Wallace Stegner, in a way it effortlessly interweaves a personal quest and a gorgeous love story with the story of place about to be completely transformed by the tide of human progress,” says editor Amy Hundley.

Publicity & marketing plans: 5-city tour

Opening: “London, even the smell of it. She had a trowel in one hand, the other cold and wet and braced against the emerging stone wall.”

Kids Are Weird

by Jeffrey Brown

Chronicle Books

March 2014; $14.95 hardcover

Shotgun Lovesongs

by Nickolas Butler*

Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press

March 2014; $25.99 hardcover

First printing: 150,000

Why the buzz: “We won this first novel in a fierce auction that included every major publisher in New York and could not be more excited about it. So are booksellers across the country. Shotgun Lovesongs charts the friendship and rivalries between longtime friends in a small Wisconsin town called Little Wing,” says Dori Weintraub, v-p of marketing and communications. An ABA Spring Indie Debuts novel

Publicity & marketing plans: Pre-publication author tour; author tour; print and online advertising; music promotion.

Opening: “We invited him to all of our weddings; he was famous.”

The Orenda

by Joseph Byoden


May 2014; $26.95 hardcover

First printing: 50,000

Sing Sweet Nightingale

by Erica Cameron

Spencer Hill Press; dist. by Midpoint

March 2014; $9.95 paperback

First printing: 15,000

Further Out Than You Thought

by Michaela Carter

William Morrow Paperbacks/Harper

August 2014; $14.99 paperback

Anticipated first printing: 30,000


by Carol Cassella

Simon & Schuster

March 2014; $25.99 hardcover

Anticipated first printing: 50,000

Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?

by Roz Chast*


May 2014; $28 hardcover

First printing: 75,000

Why the buzz: “In her first memoir, Roz Chast brings her signature wit and art to the topic of aging parents. With four-color illustrations, family photos and documents, and handwritten text throughout, all wrapped up in a unique cover treatment with high production values, Roz’s memoir will be a must-have for her legions of fans,” says Laura Keefe, director of digital and trade marketing.

Publicity & marketing plans: Pre-pub bookseller and blogger campaign; 6-city author tour

Opening: “Two things about my childhood: 1) I was an only child 2) My parents were a lot older than other kids’ parents.”

The Passion Conversation: Understanding, Sparking, and Sustaining Word of Mouth Marketing

by Geno Church* and Robbin Phillips, Greg Cordell, John Moore

John Wiley & Sons

Available: $25 hardcover

First printing: 10,000 copies

Why the buzz: “Marketing has always been about generating Word of Mouth, no matter what business you’re in or product/service you’re selling. But without passion there’s no conversation—so there’s nothing to talk about! Geno Church and the rest of the Brains on Fire team spark that powerful emotion to share in The Passion Conversation. The book is full of stories about how to have people fall in love with your organization, cause, product, idea, service, or book. With that Passion in place, Conversation will follow,” says marketing manager Peter Knox.

Publicity & marketing plans: advance copy mailing, advertising and social campaign, online giveaways, bookstore signings, independent bookseller outreach

Opening: “This is not a business book. This is a love story. The Passion Conversation is a story about being famous for the people who love you, for the way you love them. We’re going to share some remarkable love stories.”


by Kim Church


March 2014; $14.95 paperback original

The Public Library: A Photographic Essay

by Robert Dawson

Princeton Architectural Press; dist. by Chronicle

April 2014; $35 hardcover

The Enchanted

by Rene Denfeld*


March 2014; $25.99 hardcover

First printing: 40,000

Why the buzz: “Despite its weighty and unforgiving setting and its desperate characters, [this] is a transcendent novel. With lyrical prose, the story manages to be beautiful and heartwarming. And, like the lady in the novel, Rene Denfeld is a licensed Mitigation Specialist. She visits her clients on death row and investigates their lives, tracking down people with unfathomable secrets to share,” says publicity director Katherine Beitner.

Publicity & marketing plans: Appearances in San Francisco and Portland; online publicity campaign and blog tour.

Opening: “This is an enchanted place. Others don’t see it but I do.”


by Stacey D’Erasmo*

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

May 2014; $22 hardcover

First printing: 40,000

Why the buzz: “[This] may be Stacey D’Erasmo’s most accessible book, and one that is a blast to market. The main character, a woman indie rock star facing her forties and decisions about her future, is relatable to many readers. She also offers glimpses into a lifestyle that many readers have fantasized about. Women musicians facing decisions of whether or not to remake themselves and/or their images are in the zeitgeist, with musicians like Kim Gordon (formerly of Sonic Youth) and Kim Deal (formerly of the Pixies) . . . getting lots of media attention,” says marketing director Carla Gray.

Publicity & marketing plans: Advertising; 6-city tour to New York, Austin, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and San Francisco; Spotify playlist at

Opening: “There is a man fixing a bicycle, or attempting to fix a bicycle, in the lane.”

Kicking the Sky

by Anthony DeSa

Algonquin Books

March 2014: $14.95 paperback original

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

by Joel Dicker


June 2014; $18 paperback original

First printing: 500,000

All the Light We Cannot See

by Anthony Doerr*


May 2014: $27 hardcover

Why the buzz: “This is one of the most gorgeous novels I have ever published, heartbreakingly humane and exquisitely observed,” says Scribner publisher and senior v-p Nan Graham. “For years, Anthony Doerr has been collecting awards for his short stories. This is his masterpiece, ten years in the making.”

Publicity & marketing plans: Print, radio, and online advertising; 5-city tour.

Opening: “At dusk they pour from the sky. They blow across the ramparts, turn cartwheels over rooftops, flutter into the ravines between the streets.”

Jack of Spies

by David Downing

Soho Crime

May 2014; $26.95 hardcover

Galley printing: 4,500

The Plover

by Brian Doyle

Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press

April 2014; $24.99 hardcover

The Lost

by Sarah Beth Durst

Harlelquin MIRA

May 2014; $14.95 paperback

First printing: 25,000

Living with a Wild God: A Nonbeliever’s Search for the Truth about Everything

by Barbara Ehrenreich*


April 2014; $26 hardcover

First Printing: 50,000

Why the buzz: “[This] is one of the most important books I have ever edited. It is brave, frank, exquisitely written, and as honest as a memoir should be. To me, this memoir—Ehrenreich’s first—is the definition of a Twelve book. It is intensely personal, but tackles big ideas that will start a conversation. I think it will rattle your world,” says publisher Deb Futter.

Publicity and Marketing Plans: Print advertising; radio satellite tour; 7-city author tour to New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Opening Sentence: “Sometime in my thirteenth year, but a little before I actually achieved that age, things began to assemble themselves into what I called ‘the situation.’ ”

A Replacement Life

by Boris Fishman


June 2014; $25.99 hardcover

Anticipated first printing: 40,000

The Orphans of Race Point

by Patry Francis

Harper Perennial

May 2014; $15.99 paperback

Anticipated first printing: 50,000

‘Til the Well Runs Dry

by Lauren Francis-Sharma*

Henry Holt

April 2014; $26 hardcover

First printing: 75,000

Why the buzz: Voice, Voice, Voice! A story that takes you places you have never been and will stay with you forever.

Publicity & marketing plans: Author appearances; advertising; reading group guide

Opening: “The cardboard box trembled. The panicked squeals from inside it grew louder as I hurried through the overgrown grass.”

The Stories of Jane Gardam—a sampler

by Jane Gardam

Europa Editions

May 2014; $17 hardcover

First printing: 35,000

An Untamed State

by Roxane Gay

Black Cat

May 2014; $16 paperback original

Live Bait

by Fabio Genovesi

Other Press

June 2014; $15.95 paperback original

Terms & Conditions

by Robert Glancy


April 2014; $26 hardcover

The Steady Running of the Hour

by Justin Go*

Simon & Schuster

April 2014; $26 hardcover

First printing: 60,000

Why the buzz:Steady Running was the big debut at the 2012 London Book Fair, and S&S’s publication will kick off an international publishing event. At 27, Justin Go dropped out corporate America and moved to Europe to write and research this book. The result is a mesmerizing and wildly imaginative novel that combines history, romance, and adventure as it takes the reader crisscrossing through Europe and to the top of Mount Everest,” says senior publicity manager Sarah Reidy.

Publicity & marketing plans: 8-city author tour including Austin, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, and Boulder; online reading group guide; blogger outreach campaign; advertising; online promotions and features

Opening: “The letter came by courier last week.”

The Late Starters Orchestra

by Ari Goldman

Algonquin Books

June 2014; $22.95 hardcover

This Is Ridiculous This Is Amazing

by Jason Good*

Chronicle Books

May 2014; $14.95 hardcover

Why the buzz: “Raising children is part magic and part madness and it’s impossible to know which one each day will bring. In his first book, comedian and family-man blogger Jason Good captures this exact experience in the most endearing and entertaining way. Written with wonder, sentimentality, and totally original comedy, this is a sweet and super-funny read every parent will enjoy,” says associate marketing director Peter Perez.

Publicity & marketing plans: Online campaign; radio satellite tour; author appearances.

Opening: “Do you have an abrasion caused by a toddler hitting you with a tambourine, harmonica, or random piece of cardboard? Have you used a baby wipe to clean yogurt off your ‘comfy pants’? Are your remote controls mysteriously greasy? If you answered ‘Yes,’ or ‘Please help me’ to any of these questions, I wrote this book for you.”

Revolution Baby

by Joanna Gruda*

trans. by Alison Anderson

Europa Editions

May 2014; $16 paperback original

First printing: 40,000

Why the buzz: “Not since The Elegance of the Hedgehog have we had a title with such wide appeal and high adult-YA crossover potential. Based on the true story of the author’s father, Revolution Baby is about how a fertile imagination can not only serve as a light in dark times but can even save your life,” says editor-in-chief Michael Reynolds.

Opening: “When I was little, I had parents. And an aunt and an uncle, too. Later, I was put in an orphanage. And there was the war, as there was for everyone.”

Little Mercies

by Heather Gudenkauf*

Harlequin MIRA

June 2014; $15.95 paperback with flaps

First printing: 130,000

Why the buzz: “Heather Gudenkauf’s first novel, The Weight of Silence, has sold over half a million copies. It spent 21 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and was published in 20 countries. Heather’s subsequent novels, These Things Hidden and One Breath Away, were also New York Times bestsellers. Heather’s latest is a taut, emotional, ripped-from-the-headlines drama about a social worker and a young girl whose lives cross in the most extraordinary and unexpected ways.,” says publicity manager Emer Flounders.

Publicity & marketing plans: Advertising, including in-book ads in selected Harlequin MIRA® imprint titles; author tour; ABA White Box mailing.

Opening: “When people find out what I do for a living their first question is always about

the most horrendous case of child abuse I’ve encountered.”

Herbie’s Game

by Timothy Hallinan*

Soho Crime

July 2014; $26.95 hardcover

Why the buzz: “Timothy Hallinan is one of the funniest, wittiest people on our list and this laugh-out-loud series is Tim at his acidic best,” according to Paul Oliver, director of marketing and publicity. “The previous book in the series was an NPR Best Book of 2013 and the series has garnered comparisons to some very serious writers. Mystery Scene and the Associated Press both invoked the names of Chandler and Hammett.”

Publicity & marketing plans: $100,000 marketing budget, including advertising in USA Today, The New York Times, and the LA Times; 4,500 galleys

Opening: “Eighteen minutes in—just two minutes short of my limit—I was ready to write the place off.”

The Marrying of Chani Kaufman

by Eve Harris

Black Cat

April 2014; $16 paperback original

A Man Came Out of A Door in the Mountain

by Adrianne Harun*

Penguin Books

March 2014; $16 paperback original

First Printing: 50,000

Why the buzz: “Adrianne Harun weaves together folklore and elements of magical realism to create a compelling and unsettling portrait of life in a dead-end town. Set near the infamous Canadian Highway of Tears, a winding, picturesque and lonely road along which too many women, mostly Native women, have in fact disappeared, Harun asks, Where does evil come from? Can it just slip into our lives?” says associate publicist Laura Abbott.

Publicity & marketing plans: 10-city tour; extensive blogger campaign.

Opening: “In mountain towns, children play a game called Devil’s Hopscotch.”


by Mo Hayder

Atlantic Monthly Press

April 2014; $24 hardcover

I Am Pilgrim

Terry Hayes

Emily Bestler Books/Atria Books

May 2014; $26.99 hardcover

Fourth of July Creek

by Smith Henderson*


June 2014; $26.99 hardcover

First printing: 100,000

Why the buzz: “This is our lead title of the summer. [It] is a muscular, hugely ambitious literary debut set against the vivid backdrop of the Montana wilderness in which Pete Snow, a troubled social worker barely on the right side of the law, tries to keep a dangerously paranoid survivalist from jeopardizing his family, even as Pete’s own family disintegrates,” says publicist Michael McKenzie.

Publicity & marketing plans: 7-city tour, including Billings, Missoula, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle; advertising; online publicity.

Opening: “The cop flicked his cigarette to the dirt and gravel road in front of the house, and touched back his hat over his hairline as the social worker drove up in a dusty Toyota Corolla.”

The Commandment of Lubizec: A Novel of the Holocaust and Operation Reinhard

by Patrick Hicks*

Steerforth Press

March 2014; $15 paperback original

First printing: 25,000

Why the buzz: “This is an unforgettable work of historical fiction, and unexpected approach to conveying the monstrousness and human heartache of the Holocaust for a new generation of readers. It comes with a raft of advance endorsements. Tim O’Brien calls it, ‘a vividly detailed, terrifying, convincing, and completely spellbinding story,” says publisher Chip Fleischer.

Publicity & marketing plans: Printed 1,000 ARCs; September White Box mailing; 15-state author tour, plus England and Ireland.

Opening: “The records show that some 710,000 souls died at the small concentration camp know as Lubizec.”

Blood: The Stuff of Life

by Lawrence Hill

House of Anansi Press

Available; $15.95 paperback

Flying Shoes

by Lisa Howorth*


June 2014; $26 hardcover

First printing: 60,000

Why the buzz: “Lisa Howorth is the co-owner of the legendary Square Books in Oxford, Miss. (named by PW as the #1 Bookstore in America in 2013). Flying Shoes is her first novel, and although this is a work of fiction, the murder is based on the case of Lisa’s stepbrother, who was killed in 1966. It’s a luminous story of a particular time and place in the American South, full of wit and dark humor,” says Laura Keefe, director of digital and trade marketing.

Publicity & marketing plans: 8-10-city author tour; advertising; reading group guide

Opening: “Mary Byrd Thornton knew that breaking things was not a good, adult response to getting sudden, scary news about a terrible thing in the past, a thing buried with the dead and kicked to the curb of consciousness; but that was what she’d done anyway.”

Natchez Burning

by Greg Iles*

William Morrow

April 2014; $27.99 hardcover

First printing: 400,000

Why the buzz: “This is a project that all of us at William Morrow and the extended HarperCollins family are extremely proud to be a part of. Bestselling author Greg Iles returns after a five-year hiatus with an epic novel that spans 40 years and unflinchingly captures the political unrest of a nation dangling between a chaotic past and an unpredictable future,” says publicity director Danielle Bartlett.

Publicity & marketing plans: National radio, print, and online advertising; TV and radio satellite tours; author appearances
in the South; pre-pub online buzz campaign; author branding campaign; consumer sweepstakes; early galley giveaways to consumers.

Opening: “Albert Norris sang a few bars of Howlin’ Wolf’s Natchez Burnin to cover the sounds of the couple making love in the back of his shop.”

This Is Pollock

by Catherine Ingram; illustrated by Peter Arkle

Laurence King; dist. by Chronicle

April 2014; $15.95 hardcover

The Empathy Exams—Will be at Wi9, but not as a featured author

by Leslie Jamison*

Graywolf Press

April 2014; $15 paperback

First printing: 25,000

Why the buzz: “[This] is the Pulphead of 2014. Every single piece in this collection is a dazzling knock-out. With comparisons to Joan Didion and Susan Sontag, and resounding praise from Eleanor Catton, Mary Karr, Charles D’Ambrosio, Nick Flynn, and Maggie Nelson, among others, and pieces that have appeared in Harper’s, the Paris Review, the Oxford American, and Tin House, we truly have a classic nonfiction book on our hands,” says marketing director Michael Taeckens.

Publicity & marketing plans: Extensive galley mailing; galley giveaway at ALA; 8-city author tour, including an event at Politics & Prose with Kay Redfield Jamieson (her aunt)

Opening: “My job title is medical actor, which means I play sick.”

The Queen of Tearling

by Erika Johansen


July 2014; $26.99 hardcover

First printing: 150,000

Not for Nothing

by Stephen Graham Jones


March 2014; $15.95 paperback original

The Book of You

by Claire Kendal


April 2014; $25.99 hardcover

First printing: 100,000

The Last Illusion

by Porochista Khakpour


May 2014; $26 hardcover


by Lily King*

Atlantic Monthly

June 2014; $25 hardcover

First printing: 50,000

Why the buzz: “King delivers what we believe is her breakout novel, known for her ability to explore the domestic lives of her characters she now delivers a novel loosely inspired by the journals of Margaret Mead. Set in 1930s Papua New Guinea, Euphoria is the story of three young anthropologists caught in a love triangle that threatens their bonds, their careers, and, ultimately, their lives.

Publicity & marketing plans: 8-city tour

Opening: “As they were leaving the Mumbanyo someone threw something at them. It bobbed a few yards from the stern of the canoe.”

Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade

by Walter Kirn*


March 2014; $25.95 hardcover

Why the buzz: We were mesmerized by the compulsive and page-turning Walter Kirn style, which called to mind Patricia Highsmith’s classic The Talented Mr. Ripley, as the similarities between the real life con artist “Clark Rockefeller” and the pathological fictional figure Tom Ripley were uncanny. This was a perfect combination of subject matter and author.

Publicity & marketing plans: First serial in The New Yorker; featured on CBS’s 48 Hours; 10-city tour; print and online advertising

Opening: “It felt like a noble gesture at the time, and I was in the mood for an adventure.”

Shakespeare Insult Generator: Mix & Match More than 150,000 Insults in the Bard’s Own Words

by Barry Kraft

Chronicle Books

March 2014; $12.95 hardcover

The Good Girl

by Mary Kubica*

Harlequin MIRA

July 2014; $24.95 hardcover

First printing: 35,000

Why the buzz:The Good Girl is a blockbuster breakout literary suspense debut in the vein of Gillian Flynn and Tana French. With a fresh commercial voice and intelligent storytelling, Mary Kubica is poised to join the ranks of today’s top thriller writers,” says publicity manager Emer Flounders.

Publicity & marketing plans: Advertising, including in-book ads in selected Harlequin MIRA® imprint titles; author tour; ABA White Box mailing.

Opening: “I’m sitting at the breakfast nook sipping from a mug of cocoa when the phone rings.”

The Home Place

by Carrie La Seur

William Morrow/Harper

July 2014; $25.99 hardcover

First printing: 100,000

Twisted Sisters

by Jen Lancaster*


Feb. 2014; $25.95 hardcover

Why the buzz: “With the 2006 publication of her first book, Bitter Is the New Black, Jen Lancaster quickly established herself as a witty memoirist with a keen eye and a salty tongue, ‘that friend who always says what you’re thinking—just 1,000 times funnier’ (People). Over the course of seven subsequent widely-acclaimed memoirs, including Such a Pretty Fat (2008) and last year’s The Tao of Martha, Lancaster went from cult favorite to a mainstay on the New York Times bestseller list. The publications of If You Were Here (2011) and Here I Go Again (2012) proved Lancaster was also a sharp, insightful comic novelist,” says publicist Jessica Butler.

Publicity & marketing plans: 10-city author tour

Opening: “Do I know you?”

Dangerous Odds: My Secret Life Inside an Illegal Billion Dollar Sports Betting Operation

by Marisa Lankester*

Cappuccino Books; dist. by Midpoint

May 2014; $27.95 hardcover

First printing: 25,000

Why the buzz: This is a fast-paced true crime memoir that reads like a suspense thriller.

Publicity & marketing plans: Author appearances, including BEA; IndieBound White Box; advertising

Opening: “When I looked back later, I realized that the soldier pointing his gun at my head terrified me less than his confiscating my passport.”

A Circle of Wives

by Alice LaPlante

Atlantic Monthly Press

March 2014; $25 hardcover

Sh*t Rough Drafts: Pop Culture’s Favorite Books, Movies, and TV Shows

by Paul Laudiero

Chronicle Books

April 2014; $12.95 paperback

The Sea Garden

by Deborah Lawrenson


June 2014; $26.99 hardcover

First printing: 40,000

Love & Misadventure

by Lang Leav

Andrews McMeel

Available; $16.99 paperback


by Edan Lepucki*

Little, Brown

July 2014; $26 hardcover

First printing: 25,000

Why the buzz: “When I first read California, I fell instantly in love with Cal and Frida and the incredibly realistic post-apocalyptic world they inhabit. I knew that I had to work on this book. Edan so brilliantly exposes the way our society is tearing at the seams and paints a timeless portrait of the daily struggles of a young marriage,” says editor Allie Sommer.

Publicity & marketing plans: Online advertising; pre-pub giveaway on Goodreads; cover reveal on Tumblr.

Opening: “On the map, their destination had been a stretch of green, as if they would be living on a golf course.”

Ma, I’m Gettin’ Meself a New Mammy

by Martha Long*

March 2014; $23.95 hardcover

Seven Stories

paperback release of

Ma, He Sold Me for a Few Cigarettes (Jan.)

Why the buzz: This will be Long’s first trip to America. She is sure to charm the crowd with her playful, bubbly personality, her colloquial Irish dialect, and her great appreciation for her fans and for book lovers. Her books are memoirs like none other, raw, emotional, honest, and detailed.

Publicity & marketing plans: Radio interviews and blog tour; finished book giveaway at PLA and BEA

Opening: “I sat starin at me hands sittin in me lap, thinkin about nothin. The Maria rocked along the road, movin over the bumps bouncin us against each other, our heads rockin wit it, gently noddin left te right.”

Faces in the Crowd

by Valeria Luiselli

Coffee House

May 2014; $15.95 paperback original

First printing: 10,000

And There Was Light: The Extraordinary Memoir of a Blind Hero of the French Resistance in World War II

by Jacques Lusseyran

New World Library

March 2014; $15.95 paperback

First printing: 15,000

Bird Box

by Josh Malerman


May 2014; $25.99 hardcover

First printing: 50,000

A la Mère de Famille: Recipes from the Beloved Parisian Confectioner

by Julien Merceron

Chronicle Books

March 2014; $35 hardcover

Seven Wonders

by Ben Mezrich*

Running Press

August 2014; $26 hardcover

First printing: 100,000; movie rights to 20th Century Fox for a summer action film to start shooting shortly

Why the buzz: “Best-selling author Ben Mezrich is most well-known for his riveting nonfiction—Accidental Billionaires and Bringing Down the House. Seven Wonders is his first fiction in more than a decade, and it’s worth the wait. His new novel is a fast-paced, globe-trotting thriller that’s rife with historic secrets, conspiracies, intrigue, and plenty of adventure,” says marketing coordinator Geri DiTella.

Publicity & marketing plans: Print advertising; author appearances; blog tour to mystery and thriller sites; blogger outreach.

Opening: “Three a.m. It was five days into a fierce New England heat wave, the scattered trees lining Mass Ave. bowed and weeping, desolate sidewalks glistening, tar black asphalt leaking wisps of steam into the thick, humid air. Fifty feet below, in a reverse-pressure, vacuum-sealed Level Four computer lab—two stairwells and one elevator ride beneath the famed, 825-foot-long Infinite Corridor that bisected the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts—Jeremy Grady’s world had just turned upside down.”

Under the Hawthorn Tree

by Ai Mi

House of Anansi Press

Available; $14.95 paperback

Praying Drunk

by Kyle Minor*

Sarabande Books, dist. Consortium

Feb. 2014; $15.95 paperback original

First printing: 10,000

Why the buzz: “The minute we tore into this manuscript, we realized it was exactly the book we’d been dying to read. We’re always looking for fiction that push boundaries, and Praying Drunk is completely riveting in it’s content and form,” says Kristen Radtke, director of marketing and development.

Publicity & marketing plans: Advertising; 15-city tour; IndieBound Advance Access program.

Opening: “We begin with the trouble, but where does the trouble begin? My uncle takes a pistol and blows his brains out.”

The Dismal Science

by Peter Mountford*

Tin House Books

Feb. 2014; $15.95 paperback original

First printing: 10,000

Why the buzz: Although the central drama is political (international aid to Bolivia is a major plot element, and Paul Wolfowitz is an active character in early chapters), the book is ultimately a meditation on the fragile nature of identity: the terrifying speed with which a person’s sense of self can be annihilated.

Publicity & marketing plans: 7-city tour; national radio campaign; 600 galleys

Opening: “The annual meetings had become a kind of rowdy reunion, bearing, increasingly, the muffled bonhomie of a great funeral.”

This Is the Water

by Yannick Murphy

Harper Perennial

July 2014; $14.99 paperback

First printing: 50,000

The Wives of Los Alamos

by TaraShea Nesbit


Feb. 2014; $25 hardcover

The Crane Wife

by Patrick Ness*

Penguin Press

Available; $26.95 hardcover

Why the buzz: “Patrick Ness is an award-winning YA author, and this is his first adult title,” notes publicity manager Samantha Choy Park. “John Green, author of The Fault In Our Stars, has called Patrick Ness ‘an insanely beautiful writer.’ ”

Publicity & marketing plans: 7-city tour

Opening: “What actually woke him was the unearthly sound itself—a mournful shatter of frozen midnight falling to earth to pierce his heart and lodge there forever, never to move, never to melt—but he, being who he was, assumed it was his bladder.”

How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky

by Lydia Netzer

St. Martin’s Press

July 2014; $25.99 hardcover

The Devil’s Snake Curve: A Fan’s Notes from Left Field

by Josh Ostergaard

Coffee House

April 2014; $15.95 paperback original

First printing: 7,500

All I Have in This World

by Michael Parker

Algonquin Books

March 2014; $24.95 hardcover

The Bees

by Laline Paull


May 2014; $25.99 hardcover

First printing: 100,000

The Amazing Thing About the Way It Goes

by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee*

Andrews McMeel Publishing

March 2014; $12.99 paperback original.

Why the buzz: AMP is excited to bring more of New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s trademark wit and wry humor in a new collection of amusing essays.

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour

Opening: “As I lay bleeding in the dirt, I was thinking about the mistakes I had made in my life that had brought me to this moment.”

The Unlikely Settler

by Lipika Pelham*

Other Press

March 2014; $24.95 hardcover

First printing: 15,000

Why the buzz: “We’re excited because Pelham offers a fresh outsider’s perspective on the

conflict of the Middle East, told through her own experiences as a Bengali journalist married to a Jewish peace-seeker trying to raise a family in Jerusalem,” says marketing manager Helen Richard.

Publicity & marketing plans: Print advertising; author appearances; reading group guide online

Opening: “During our fifth year in Jerusalem, I was faced with a dilemma: where to

give birth to our third child.”

How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky

by Lydia Netzer

St. Martin’s Press

July 2014; $25.99 hardcover

The Devil’s Snake Curve: A Fan’s Notes from Left Field

by Josh Ostergaard

Coffee House

April 2014; $15.95 paperback original

First printing: 7,500

All I Have in This World

by Michael Parker

Algonquin Books

March 2014; $24.95 hardcover

The Bees

by Laline Paull


May 2014; $25.99 hardcover

First printing: 100,000

A Year After Henry

by Cathie Pelletier

Sourcebooks Landmark

August 2014; $14.99 hardcover

Done: A Cook’s Guide to Knowing When Food is Perfectly Cooked

by James Peterson

Chronicle Books

April 2014; $27.50 hardcover

Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932

by Francine Prose


April 2014; $26.99 hardcover

Anticipated first printing: 50,000

Are Men Obsolete?: The Munk Debate on Gender

by Hanna Rosin and Maureen Dowd (pro) and Caitlin Moran and Camille Paglia (Con)

House of Anansi Press

April 2014; $14.95 paperback

Last Night at the Blue Angel

by Rebecca Rotert

William Morrow

July 2014; $25.99 hardcover

Anticipated first printing: 100,000

The Transcriptionist

by Amy Rowland

Algonquin Books

May 2014; $24.95 hardcover

The Spinning Heart

by Donal Ryan

Steerforth Press

Feb. 2014; $15 paperback original

First printing: 20,000

The Book of Fate

by Parinoush Saniee

House of Anansi Press

Available; $16.95 paperback

The Kept

by James Scott*


January 2014; $25.99

First printing: 75,000

Why the buzz: “This] is a dark, though warm, novel, told in gossamer prose, with an unusual emotional delicacy that is matched by an utterly propulsive and surprising plot. The ground begins shifting beneath our feet almost as soon as Elspeth Howell returns home, in 1897, bound by her sins like an insect in a web, to find her isolated house filled with murder—and it never relents. We all fell in love with Caleb Howell, a twelve-year old boy with a gun as big as he is, and questions as big as the world. We knew we had something special on our hands from the very beginning,” says editor Barry Harbaugh.

Publicity and marketing plans: Radio and print advertising; author appearances in New England; online publicity campaign and blog tour.

Opening: “Elspeth Howell was a sinner.”

Notes from Underground

by Roger Scruton

Beaufort; dist. by Midpoint

Mar. 2014; $24.95 hardcover

First printing: 15,000

I’ll Be Right There

by Kyung-sook Shin

Other Press

June 2014; $15.95 paperback original

First printing: 30,000

Between Wrecks: Stories

by George Singleton*

Dzanc Books

May 2014; $15.95 paperback original

Why the buzz: “I first became aware of George’s writing back when I was with MacAdam/Cage publishing. Before I came aboard (earlier this year), Dzanc had published Stray Decorum by Singleton, which was a 2013 SIBA Book Award finalist, and I was looking at the chance to edit George’s next collection. I was not disappointed one bit, and I don’t think readers will be either. The stories are funny and sad and well-crafted and just everything you look for in fiction,” says senior editor Guy Intoci.

I Loved You More

by Tom Spanbauer*

Hawthorne Books

April 2014; $19.95 paperback original

First printing; 10,000

Why the buzz: “[This is] Spanbauer’s first novel in eight years. He is beloved in the LGBT community. And this is his most accessible novel yet with huge crossover market to gay and straight alike,” says publisher Rhonda Hughes, who compares it to Jeffrey Eugenides’s The Marriage Plot and Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom.

Publicity & marketing plans: 5-city book tour; gift baskets from Chuck Palahniuk to 50 indie stores; Skype visits to book clubs.

Opening: “Got to go pal were the last words on the page of the last letter I wrote Hank Christian.”


by Wesley Stace* (formerly known as singer-songwriter John Wesley Harding)

Overlook Press

March 2014; $26.95

Why the buzz: “Finally, a sex, drugs and rock n’ roll book for Dan Zanes fans! Wonderkid also happens to be one of the best books about fathers and sons since Turgenev,” says writer Gary Shteyngart.

Publicity & marketing plans: Advertising; 8-city tour

Opening: “Blake Lear knew all the guitar chords he’d ever know by the age of twelve.”

Nom Nom Paleo

by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong

Andrews McMeel

Available; $35 hardcover

Birding With Yeats: A Mother’s Memoir

by Lynn Thomson

House of Anansi Press

May 2014; $15.95 paperback

First printing: 10,000


by Rupert Thomson*

Other Press

April 2014; $16.95 hardcover

First printing: 35,000

Why the buzz: “We are excited because this novel had been widely acclaimed in England,

and we’re excited to bring it to an American audience. A perfect mix of suspense, art history, the Medici family, and a love story not read before,” says marketing manager Helen Richard.

Publicity & marketing plans: 4-city author tour; retail promotional allowance; print and online advertising; reading group guide

Opening: “He came on a November day, a cold wind blowing, the fields soaked with


The Forgotten Seamstress

by Liz Trenow

Sourcebooks Landmark

May 2014; $14.99 hardcover

The Cold Song

by Linn Ullmann

Other Press

April 2014; $15.95 paperback original

First printing: 25,000

Letters of Note: An Eclectic Collection of Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience

by Shaun Usher

Chronicle Books

May 2014; $40 hardcover


M.D. Waters*


Feb. 2014; $26.95 hardcover

First printing: 50,000

Why the buzz:Archetype is the largest and buzziest debut Dutton has launched in at least five years. We’ve received incredible early reader responses to this novel from sales reps, editors and marketers within Penguin, as well as from reviewers and booksellers. When we asked booksellers to provide early quotes, we received a dozen rave reviews in just a few weeks, from independent stores across the country,” says senior publicist Liza Cassity.

Publicity & marketing plans: Author appearances; riser displays; postcards for a free advance copy of the sequel.

Opening: “My mind wakes, but the words essential to describe the stirring of my consciousness escape me.”

Point of Direction

by Rachel Weaver*

Ig Publishing, dist. Consortium

May 2014; $16.95 paperback original

First printing: 10,000

Publicity & marketing plans: 10-15 city tour

Why the buzz: This book was chosen as an Indies Introduce Debut Pick for Spring 2014.

Opening: “When hazy outside light spills in through the heavy wooden door of the bar, we all turn.”

The Noble Hustle

by Colson Whitehead*


May 2014; $24.95 hardcover

First printing: 50,000

Why the buzz: “Madly in love with this—on the surface it’s a book about playing poker, but it’s shot through with threads of memoir. I can’t think of anyone smarter or funnier than Colson Whitehead,” says Ruth Liebmann, v-p, director of account marketing.

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour; print and Facebook advertising; giveaway memorabilia from Colson’s poker team

Opening: “I have a good poker face because I am half-dead inside.”

The Beekeeper’s Ball

by Susan Wiggs

Harlequin MIRA

May 2014; $24.95 hardcover

First printing: 95,000

Care and Management of lies

by Jacqueline Winspear


July 2014; $26.99 hardcover

Anticipated first printing: 100,000

Small Blessings

by Martha Woodroof*

St. Martins’ Press

Aug. 2014; $25.99 hardcover

First printing: 50,000

Why the buzz: “[This] is a remarkably delightful first novel about a small-town college professor, a charismatic bookshop girl, and the 10-year old son he never knew he had. For readers of Anna Quindlen and Helen Simonson, this book is funny, heartwarming and poignant, with a charmingly imperfect cast of cinema-ready characters. The author, who writes for, is writing a monthly series on that site in which she reports on the process of publishing her book,” says Dori Weintraub, v-p of marketing and communications.

Publicity & marketing plans: Print and online advertising.

Opening: “There she was, as welcome in this insular community as fresh air in a multiplex, a woman who, rumor had it, risked being happy.”

Hold Fast to Dreams

by Beth Zasloff and Joshua Steckel*

The New Press

March 2014; $25.95 hardcover

Why the buzz: Joshua Steckel’s journey with these students from their senior year to their entrance to higher education institutions is an unprecedented narrative work that sheds light on the nuanced and complicated set of challenges that many urban students face, even after they have achieved the goal of making it to college.

Publicity & marketing plans: Author appearances; extensive academic marketing

Opening: “We wrote this book to document the struggles and triumphs of students like those Josh has worked with during his eight years as a college counselor in the New York City public schools: young people whose stories are too often left out of the national conversation about college or reduced to grim statistics.”

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

by Gabrielle Zevin*

Algonquin Books

April 2014; $24.95 hardcover

First printing: 75,000

Why the buzz: “The prepublication excitement surrounding [this book] has been electric. The galley features four pages of rave reviews from booksellers from around the country and a letter of endorsement from Books & Books owner Mitchell Kaplan,” says director of marketing Craig Popelars. “Foreign rights have now sold in 21 countries. In the spirit of The Guernsey and Literary Potato Peel Society and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, this enchanting and surprising novel about bookstore owner A. J. Fikry is bound to steal the hearts of millions of readers and become a book club favorite for years to come.

Publicity & marketing plans: 20-city tour; poster; pre-pub campaign with extensive galley distribution; print and online advertising; double newsletter co-op available; social media, including online profile of the novel’s fictional bookstore.

Opening: “On the ferry from Hyannis to Alice Island, Amelia Loman paints her nails yellow and, while waiting for them to dry, skims her predecessor’s notes. ‘Island Books, approximately $350,000.00 per annum in sales, the better portion of that in the summer months to folks on holiday,’ Harvey Rhodes reports. ‘Six hundred square feet of selling space. No full-time employees other than owner.’ ”