Today Publishers Weekly released the shortlist for the 2015 PW Bookstore and Sales Rep of the Year Awards, which highlight singular achievements in the bookselling industry.

“We were pleased to have so many outstanding candidates to choose from for the 2015 PW Awards. Each of the stores and sales reps on the shortlist have come up with new strategies for successfully negotiating today’s retail landscape for books,” said PW v-p, publisher Cevin Bryerman.

The winners will be named at the beginning of April and will be featured in the pre-BEA edition of Publishers Weekly on May 4. The awards will be presented at the authors breakfast at BEA.

This year’s finalists represent a broad range of general independent bookstores from across the West, Midwest, and South. The sales representatives include two each from Penguin and HarperCollins, including a telephone sales rep, and one from an independent rep group.

PW Bookstore of the Year Shortlist
Books & Books (Miami, Fl.)
Left Bank Books (St. Louis, Mo.)
McLean & Eakin Booksellers (Petoskey, Mich.)
Powell’s Books (Portland, Ore.)
Village Books (Bellingham, Wash.)

PW Sales Representative of the Year Shortlist
Erik Heidemann (Fujii Associates)
Sheila Hennessey (Penguin)
Doni Kay (Penguin)
Veronica (“Bernie”) Moran (HarperCollins)
Jennifer Sheridan (HarperCollins)