It’s not just bookstores in New York and Chicago that are planning joint activities for Independent Bookstore Day. Seattle booksellers have also taken up the challenge of creating their own memorable day.

Seventeen bookstores—including Secret Garden Books, Third Place Books, and Seattle Mystery Bookstore, and University Book Store—will participate in the nationwide event on Saturday, May 2.

Each store will offer swag and host individual parties. Customers will have the opportunity to receive relationship advice at a booth at Elliott Bay Book Co., or make prints at Phinney Books. They can also participate in collective short-story writing, on vintage typewriters, at Island Books.

Seattle bookstores are trying to outdo their colleagues in other cities by creating a bookstore passport that customers can get stamped to win prizes. Those who collect one from each store will be crowned an “Indie Bookstore Champ” and receive a 25% discount for a year at the participating stores. Those who get three or more stamps will be entered to win a grand prize of $425 in gift certificates (a $25 gift certificate from each store).

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article implied that Indie Bookstore Champs will be selected from among those who visit all 17 stores. Anyone who visits every store is automatically a "Champ."