Bookstores continue to open and change hands. Berea, Oh., got its first bookstore in three decades when Melissa Malone opened The Bookstore and Handmade Marketplace. The Walls of Books franchise, headquartered in Georgia, announced a September opening for its tenth bookstore, this one in Washington, D.C. It plans to open two more this year. And Anderson’s Books continues to move forward with its third store, this one in La Grange, Ill., with an Indiegogo campaign in advance of its September opening.

Moonlight Book Crawl in Ann Arbor (June 17-20): As part of the Ann Arbor Book Festival, which culminates with a street fair on June 20, bookstores, restaurants, and bars are hosting Michigan authors.

Openings & Closings
A Bookstore Comes to Berea: Earlier this month Melissa Malone’s The Bookstore and Handmade Marketplace held its grand opening in Berea, Oh. It’s the first bookstore in this town since a Little Professor closed 30 years ago.

Walls of Books to Open in D.C.: The Byron, Ga.-based bookstore franchise will open its tenth store in Washington, D.C. in September.

Nebraska Bookstore to Close: In advance of the sale of its college store division to Follett, Nebraska Book Company sold what had once been its flagship store to University of Nebraska.

Summer Closing for Branch Christian Bookstore: After 25 years the Dover, Del., bookstore is planning to close its doors. Owner Nannette Jones said that the store can’t compete with Amazon.

The Last Book Store Closing after 43 Years: Blaming the Internet and Amazon, Lane Anderson is shuttering his Lubbock, Tex., business this summer.

Other News
New Owner for Givens Books: Business student Scott Cavendish, who did a project on the Salem, Va., bookstore, ended up buying it when the owner announced that he wanted to retire.

Books Inc. Moves Berkeley Store: On Monday, Books Inc. relocated its Fourth Street location to the former Black Oak Book space, vacant since 2008.

Anderson’s Launches Indiegogo Campaign: Earlier this week Chicagoland’s Anderson’s Bookshop launched a $50,000 month-long “I Built a Bookshop” fundraising campaign to defray part of the expenses of opening a third store in La Grange.

$40,000 to Go for Annapolis Store: Since putting out the call for sponsorships in mid-May.

35th Anniversary for Village Booksand Fund-Raising Ride for Robinson: The Bellingham, Wash., bookstore is celebrating its coral anniversary this weekend, which will be followed by a send-off party on Monday for owner Chuck Robinson. He is making a 2,400-mile bike ride to earn money for Binc, Whatcom Community Foundation, and Galva Foundation for Educational Enrichment.

Regional Bookseller Series Announced: Unbridled Books will publish a nine-book series by booksellers. Carl Lennertz of will edit, and former USA Today book reviewer and reporter Bob Minzesheimer will write the Foreword to each volume.

ABFE Auction Raises $60,000 for Kids’ Free Speech: The American Booksellers Association reported that the children’s art auctions held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on the eve of BookExpo American and the online auction on eBay raised close to $60,000 for the Kids’ Right to Read Project and Banned Books Week.