Following last week’s news that Harvard University Press’s sales partners, MIT Press and Yale University Press, are forming a new sales force with Princeton, HUP has announced that it is joining the Columbia University Press Sales Consortium.

Columbia has represented HUP in the Southeast since 2011 and will begin handling its sales throughout the U.S. and Canada starting September 1. That's also the date when Columbia will expand its sales representation services into Canada.

“Columbia University Press is thrilled to add Harvard University Press to our sales consortium,” Jennifer Crewe, associate provost and director of Columbia, said. “Harvard University Press’s exceptional publishing program is a terrific complement to our own books and a perfect fit with the distinguished presses in our consortium.”

The Columbia Sales Consortium also includes University of California Press, Duke University Press, NYU Press, and nine others. HUP will continue to share order fulfillment and customer service with Yale and MIT through Triliteral.