On Sunday, July 3, Princeton Architectural Press became the latest small press to open a bookstore when it unveiled Paper + Goods Storefront in Hudson, N.Y. Milkweed Editions will open a store in Minneapolis later this month.

Named for PAP's stationery line, Paper + Goods, the shop is located next to the offices the publisher opened last year in the artsy town, which is 60 miles north of New York City.

The 1,250 sq. ft. store, which is separated from the offices by a glass door, launched with an exhibit of works on paper by artist Melissa McGill and collaborator Sam Anderson, titled Reverse Constellation Punctuation. The art ties in with McGill’s large-scale sculptural project Constellation, which is the subject of her PAP book of the same name.

All the books at Paper + Goods Storefront are published by PAP. Press founder and publisher Kevin Lippert said that he sees the bookstore as a way to introduce PAP’s books and stationery to the Hudson community, which he added is known as the “new Brooklyn."

“My hope is that [the bookstore] turns a small profit,” Lippert told PW. “We don’t want to be a major bookstore and compete with the Spotty Dog Books & Ale, which is down the street.” He plans to keep the store open year-round, Wednesday through Sunday afternoons.

PAP, which is owned by the McEvoy Group, is not the first of its holdings to open a bookstore. Sister company Chronicle Books has a small bookstore in San Francisco.