On the eve of its fall regional trade show (Sept. 16-18) in Savannah, Ga., the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance announced that it will move its show to the spring. The new show, which it will hold in partnership with the Great American Bargain Book Show (GABBS), will relocate permanently to Atlanta, beginning in March 2018.

SIBA will hold a fall Discovery Show in New Orleans in September 2017, before transitioning the show to AmericasMart Atlanta (MART).

While SIBA has provided programming for GABBS in recent years, publishers have been pushing booksellers organizations to promote more spring titles at their fall trade shows. Many organizations already do some spring programming, often in conjunction with the American Booksellers Association's Spring Forums.

By partnering with GABBS in this way, SIBA booksellers will have access to a large selection of bargain books and gift items as part of their trade show. Their admission to the SIBA show will be good for both GABBS and the MART. Publishers will also have an opportunity to reach more booksellers, since GABBS draws people in the book community who live outside the SIBA region.

“I’m so excited to move SIBA in this way and to partner with these folks. My mind is abuzz with all of the opportunities this move opens up for us. And in sharing the costs with GABBS, it frees up dollars for more immersive education and professional speakers in addition to our seasoned industry contributors,” said SIBA executive director Wanda Jewell.