Bookshop Santa Cruz hosts a marathon 1984 reading; Duluth gets a new indie store; Mesa Bookstore finds new owners; and more.

Bookshop Santa Cruz to Host Live Reading of 1984 in March 2: Together with the writer's retreat Wellstone Center in the Redwoods, the California bookseller is organizing a cover-to-cover reading of George Orwell’s novel 1984. The marathon reading starts at 10:00 a.m., will feature 20-minute readings by local authors, educators, activists, and others, and will continue until the text is finished.

New Indie Bookstore Coming to Duluth: Bob Dobrow, a Carleton College math professor, is retiring and will open Zenith bookstore in the northern Minnesota city. "There's a hunger for the physical object and having a local store," he said. The store will move into a 121-year-old building and open this summer. It will sell both new and used books and will buy, sell, and trade titles.

MIT Press Bookstore Launches New Author Series: The new Authors@MIT series features "authors and experts on the cutting edge of topics that we all need to know more about, among them: young people and new media, business innovation, life in a digitally defined world, the intersection of science and art, the future of technology, the nature of knowledge, and more."

New Owners Take Over Mesa Bookstore in Santa Barbara: The "baton was passed" to new owners, Diane Arnold and D.J. Palladino, who decided to take over the store after lured in by a "buy your honey a bookstore" sign in the window.

Sacramento's Avid Reader Bookshop Moving: The Avid Reader, an independent bookstore located on Broadway near Sacramento’s Tower Theatre, is moving down the street.