As booksellers gather for the opening of BookExpo in New York City, bestselling author and philanthropist James Patterson is looking to make their upcoming holiday season a little brighter. Patterson has renewed his Holiday Bookseller Bonus Program, which launched in 2015, and is giving away more money this time around.

As he did the past two years, Patterson is partnering with the American Booksellers Association to distribute "holiday bonuses" to individual booksellers. To receive a bonus, a bookseller can be nominated by store owners, managers, fellow booksellers, publishing professions, or customers.

This year, in an effort to reach more booksellers, Patterson has increased the amount of money he is donating by $100,000. In total, the author will give $350,000 to booksellers this holiday season. To stretch those dollars even further, this year's bonuses will range from $750 to $1,250, rather than the larger amounts ($1,000 to $5,000) of the past.

“Because of the overwhelming response to the Holiday Bookseller Bonus Program these past two years, I’m thrilled to increase the donation amount," Patterson said, in statement. "Booksellers continue to face many challenges in an ever-changing retail environment, and these bonuses are my humble acknowledgment of their perseverance and dedication to putting books into the hands of readers."

The application process, which opens today and runs to October 1, is based on one question: Why does this bookseller deserve a holiday bonus? A nomination form is available on the ABA's website and, as in previous years, Patterson will review the responses.

Recipients of last year’s bonuses are not eligible.