An Italian bookstore pops-up in San Francisco; Iran opens a massive book garden; a Berlin bookstore closes after protests; and more.

An Italian Pop-up Opens in California: Libreria Pino started as an Italian-language bookseller in 2011 but has opened a pop-up bookstore in San Francisco.

Iran Opens Massive "Book Garden": A 700,000 sq.-ft. facility has opened in Tehran that offers bookshops, an art gallery, children's halls, and theaters all devoted to literature.

German Bookstore Closes After Protests: Topics Berlin bookstore has closed following leftist protests against an event about Italian fascist writer Julius Evola.

America's Top Comic Books Stores: Travel + Leisure lists the U.S.'s top shops, led by Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, Mary.

Chinese Bookstore is a Playground: A new branch of Zhongshuge bookstore in in Suzhou has four reading areas, "Rainbow Valley," "Firefly Cave," "Crystal Palace," and "Children's Castle."