Hudson Group has opened six new outlets in the Tucson International Airport, including the second branch of its new “Ink by Hudson” concept store. The first Ink by Hudson store opened last year at Dallas Love Field airport.

The new 1,000 sq.-ft, the store is being described as "a cultural department store" and is the chain's attempt to create a bookstore in an airport that feels more like a traditional bricks-and-mortar, as opposed to an airport bookstore.

There's an "indie-inspired design and ethos," said Joseph DiDomizio, President & CEO of Hudson Group. In addition to the expected mass market bestsellers, the store also offers small press titles, classics, prize-winners, and local favorites.

"While Ink by Hudson is built around a core book business, it is much more than a bookstore," Souza added. "The new concept emphasizes an eclectic collection of gifts, stationery, toys and more...providing travelers the opportunity for exploration and discovery – from timeless quality pieces, to pop culture phenomenon and fashion trends."

The company did not indicate at this time how many outlets it would open nor how rapidly the concept would roll out to other markets.

This article has been updated to change attribution of the quote and the name of the parent company.