McNally Jackson Books intends to open a second store, at 76 North 4th Street in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, by November, Brownstoner reports.

Store employees working at the Brooklyn Book Festival on September 17 handed out cards with the new address and the words "opening soon" on them. A large sign was also featured at the store's booth at the festival, with a drawing of the upcoming store.

The store was first announced in 2014, to be opened in the Lewis Steel Building, a former factory which is now home to rental apartments. The building's first floor has been zoned for retail outlets.

McNally Jackson—an independent known for its unique shelving style in which fiction is organized according to nationality—will join an already robust Williamsburg bookselling scene that includes the used bookstore Book Thug Nation, comics outlet Desert Island Comics, and Spoonbill & Sugartown, which specializes in rare and unusual books. WORD, in nearby Greenpoint, is also an area staple.