New bookstores planned for Ohio and New York; a California couple launch a mobile bookstore; visiting three of Washington state's indies; a bookstore's Hillary Clinton video goes viral; and more.

New Bookstore to Open in Ohio: Wheatberry Books will open in the town of Chilliothe in December.

New York Bookstore Approved for Historic Building: Rough Draft Bar & Books has been approved to open in a historic building in the town of Kingston. The owners plan to open for business before the holiday season.

California Couple Launch Mobile Bookstore: Twenty Stories, a mobile bookstore in a van, will begin selling books around Los Angeles this fall and will offer 20 titles that will change each month.

Surveying Central Washington's Bookstores: Yakima, Wash., has three independent bookstores, each with a distinctive character.

Shoplifter Caught Stealing Kids Books: The non-profit Railroad Book Depot bookstores in San Francisco is seeking the identity of a woman who took books from the store.

Bookstore's Clinton-inspired Video Goes Viral: A video shot at Scattered Books in Chappaqua, N.Y., of people dancing with Hillary Clinton's memoir What Happened has gone viral.

Amazon Adds More Office Space: The Seattle-based online retail giant is leasing another 360,000 square feet of office space in New York City.