Booksellers Meg Wasmer and Julie Karaganis have purchased Cabot St. Books & Cards in Beverly, Mass., and will rename the store Copper Dog Books. The store was opened in 2016 by John Hugo, owner of the HugoBooks stores, a regional chain of stores that includes the 210 year-old Andover Bookstore.

In a statement Wasmer said, “we’re honored to be entrusted with the future of the bookstore we cultivated together.”

Wasmer has been manager of Cabot St. since 2016 and Karaganis has been a bookseller at the store for two years. Previously, Karaganis worked a number stints as a bookseller. In between, she earned an MBA, taught MBA classes, and worked as a management consultant. Wasmer has been a bookseller for 13 years.

Copper Dog will continue to have a general selection of books, and Karaganis said the duo will, “keep a strong focus on SciFi/Fantasy and continue expanding our Romance section, which has been doing very well.” They have also launched a $15,000 IndieGogo fundraiser that will support the purchase of fixtures, new inventory, and sidelines.

“Meg and Julie are great booksellers and long-time Beverly residents and they have built the store’s following, so a good fit for great people who always dreamed of owning a bookstore,” said Hugo.