Amazon reported record sales for both Cyber Monday and the entire Thanksgiving period based on the number of products ordered worldwide. Sales of books were not among the giant e-tailer's biggest sellers over the period, however.

Amazon stuck to its usual practice of releasing selective information, such as the factoid that on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, customers worldwide bought more toys than ever before. In fact, toys were the top-selling category worldwide between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday on the website, followed by the categories of home, fashion, and heath and personal care.

Independent third-party sellers sold more items during Cyber Monday through Amazon stores than in any other 24-hour period, the company said.

While Amazon does not break out its book sales figures, Jeff Kinney's newest Wimpy Kid book, Wrecking Ball, was noted as a top selling item at Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star stores over the holiday weekend. The top-selling items at the two store chains over the holiday weekend along with Amazon Smart Plug and Echo Dot.

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