Independent Bookstore Day (IBD), which was scheduled for April 25, has been postponed until August 29, according to the American Booksellers Association, which manages the promotion.

This year was to mark the sixth year of the event, which has become an increasingly important date on the calendar for booksellers. In 2019, 580 stores participated in the day, with many major cities and regions hosting area-wide bookstore crawls tied to competitions for prizes. A catalog of exclusive promotional items is produced for the day.

In addition to the ABA, Penguin Random House and Ingram serve as the main sponsors. Author Sean Doolittle is the 2020 Independent Bookstore Day Ambassador.

So far this year, orders had already begun to be placed for exclusive items from the IDB catalog, and promotion for the day was about to begin in earnest. Whether the same exclusive items will later be available to booksellers remains to be seen.

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