Into the Wild

Glennon Doyle’s memoir Untamed has held a place on our hardcover nonfiction list since its March publication. Now, with three times as many books sold in the most recent week as the week before, it’s the #3 book in the country and the top seller in the New England and Middle Atlantic regions. Caste by Isabel Wilkerson moved up a position to #4, taking the top spot in the Pacific region. Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer and Live Free or Die by Sean Hannity retained their #1 and #2 spots respectively, divvying up the rest of the map.

Stranger Than Fiction

The members of seminal L.A. punk band Bad Religion, writing with music journalist Jim Ruland, debut at #13 in hardcover nonfiction with the memoir Do What You Want, released on the 40th anniversary of the group’s formation. “Readers will appreciate Ruland’s thorough reporting and insight on the various lineup changes over the years, along with his convincing analysis of punk history,” our review said. “This testament to the value of hard work and independent thinking offers a thrilling alternative to the conventional rise-and-fall rock narrative.” The book did best in the Pacific region, which accounted for a third of all sales.


Lauren Akins
#5 Hardcover Nonfiction, #8 overall
Written with Mark Dagostino, whose coauthor credits include The Magnolia Story with Chip and Joanna Gaines, this memoir discusses Akins’s marriage to country singer Thomas Rhett, their family, and their Christian faith.

J.R. Ward
#5 Hardcover Fiction
“Ward spins off her long-running Black Dagger universe in this first Black Dagger Brotherhood: Prison Camp paranormal romance,” our review said, calling the book “a sultry dive into the depths of the glymera’s prison system.”

Junji Ito
#14 Hardcover Fiction
This is billed as a best-of collection of short stories by Eisner Award winner Ito, whom PW recently called “the main driver in the once dormant horror manga genre.”