The Ingram Content Group is partnering with Booxby, an AI-driven analytics platform for evaluating written content, to launch Booxby Search, a book recommendation tool that will be offered for free to the public.

Booxby is an artificial intelligence software firm based in the Bay Area that is focused on the protection, monetization, and discovery of written content. The platform was founded by Holly Payne, an author as well as a software developer, and received a grant from the National Science Foundation in support of its technology. Booxby is designed to augment human intelligence using Natural Language Processing and machine learning to identify distinctive content and creators for use in support of book discovery and publishers' marketing campaigns.

Booxby Search will make use of Ingram's Aerio platform, a technology that allows publishers, individual authors and booksellers to establish an online bookselling presence. Payne, Booxby CEO and founder, said “stories are the most powerful medium in which we relate to each other and the world. In this challenging time, it made sense to find a way to use our technology to help people find books they’ll love. Readers want books that suit their specific tastes and Booxby does just that, offering unexpected books across all genres of fiction.”

Ingram director of digital services, Peter McCarthy said “Our mission at Ingram is to provide services that get more books in the hands of more readers. To that end, we are thrilled to be working with Booxby to help readers, authors and publishers alike.”