After speaking with a spokesperson at Ingram Content Group, there is more information on a recent report that a “rogue employee” had intentionally replaced orders for a pro-choice book with Christian titles. The report, which was picked up in several media outlets and included in PW Daily’s roundup Tuesday, said several customers who had pre-ordered Gabrielle Blair’s Ejaculate Responsibly from had instead received books published by fundamentalist Christian organization Focus on the Family. While the explanation customers originally received from was that the error was caused by a "rogue Ingram employee," Ingram says the mix-up was a simply mistake.

Sources said that seven orders had been identified as being affected by the mix up with the books being from a variety of subject categories and not always Blair’s title.

In a statement to PW, Ingram said the mix up was an honest mistake and apologized for the error. “At Ingram Content Group, our job is to get books to the people that ordered them and to do so quickly, efficiently, and accurately,” the statement began. “An extensive internal investigation determined that the incident was completely unintentional. With the large volume of orders we fulfill every day, we understand that any mistake, while very rare, can impact our customers. We apologize for the mistake and will continue to focus on delivering first-class service to our customers.”