Not Faking It

Abby Jimenez tops our trade paper list and has the #2 bestselling title in the country with Yours Truly, a “poignant and often hilarious romance between ER doctors,” per our review. Though the plot involves the doctors faking a relationship, there’s nothing made up about the trajectory the author’s been on. Yours Truly came out of the gate selling more than double the print copies 2022’s Part of Your World did in its first week. Each of Jimenez’s books, in fact, have had stronger debut showings than the previous.

All in the Family

It’s fairly common to see the name Patterson appear multiple times on our weekly bestseller charts, though this week the formula’s changed up a little. Things I Wish I Told My Mother, in at #3 on our hardcover fiction list, is by Susan Patterson, with an assist from humor columnist Susan DiLallo and Patterson’s husband, perennial bestseller James. The novel, about a mother and daughter’s emotionally fraught jaunt across Europe, is a “feel-good story” that “makes a convincing case for the importance of familial love,” according to PW’s review.

Live Your Best Life

Two titles new to our nonfiction list take different approaches to getting past obstacles and finding happiness. In the #10 slot is Life Worth Living, by Miroslav Volf, Matthew Croasmun, and Ryan McAnnally-Linz, based on the wildly popular multidisciplinary class of the same name the trio teach at Yale. Two places below, renowned meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg’s Real Life draws on Buddhist principles as it explains the virtues of creating an “expansion mindset.”


John Sandford
#1 Hardcover Fiction, #4 Overall
Investigator Letty Davenport returns in the sequel to 2022’s The Investigator. “Sandford keeps his foot on the gas throughout, without stretching plausibility too far,” per PW’s review.

Megan Miranda
#11 Hardcover Fiction
The survivors of a horrific accident meet up at a secluded beach house 10 years afterward, and things go very badly. Our review called this one an “an evocative excursion into darkness.”