Amerie’s Book Club

The book: Of Boys and Men by Richard V. Reeves

Our reviewer says: "Parents, educators, coaches, counselors, and scholars of gender studies will want to take a look at this humane and inspirational portrait of an emotionally grounded, resilient masculinity." Read more.

Barnes & Noble Book Club

The book: Little Monsters by Adrienne Brodeur

Our reviewer says: "Sound character development and a keen sense of place add to Brodeur’s astute portrayal of the turbulence between the siblings and their spouses, and the prose renders Adam’s magical thinking with precision." Read more.

Black Men Read's Book Club

The book: Chronicling Stankonia: The Rise of the Hip-Hop South by Regina N. Bradley

BTS Book Club

The book: The ? is in the Details by Tamanna Bora Kanwal

Good Housekeeping Book Club

The book: Holding Pattern by Jenny Xie

Our reviewer says: "Xie’s strong character work keeps the narrative bubbling along on its episodic arc, and her affectionate study of the ways Kathleen and Marissa madden and inspire each other adds depth. This author is off to a stellar start." Read more.

Good Morning America Book Club

The book: Save What's Left by Elizabeth Castellano

Our reviewer says: "The plot, which culminates in some big, late-breaking twists, is a bit lopsided, but Kathleen’s character and worldview are impeccably drawn, thanks to Castellano’s idiosyncratic and assured voice. This witty send-up is a winner." Read more.

Marie Claire’s #ReadwithMC

The book: The Spare Room by Andrea Bartz

Our reviewer says: "As an increasingly anxious Kelly attempts to learn more about the last woman’s disappearance without jeopardizing her relationship with the Lamonts, Bartz expertly whips up a dizzying kaleidoscope of suspicion (including two truly game-changing twists) before serving up a regrettably far-fetched denouement." Read more.

Mocha Girls Read Book Club

The book: Everything’s Fine by Cecilia Rabess

Our reviewer says: "Rabess’s humor is on-point, and the chemistry between the leads is electric; each scene involving them is fraught with a double-edged sword—after they hook up, Josh starts talking dirty and Jess responds, “Way to ruin the moment, you creepy loser,” before they have sex again." Read more.

Noname Book Club

The book: Blues People: Negro Music in White America by LeRoi Jones

Read with Jenna, the Jenna Bush Hager Book Club

The book: Banyan Moon by Thao Thai

Our reviewer says: "There’s no shortage of multigenerational family narratives out there, and this one really stands out from the pack." Read more.

Reese’s Book Club

The book: Yellowface by R.F. Kuang

Our reviewer says: "Kuang provides a sharp analysis of publishing’s blind spots and guides the plot toward a thrilling face-off between June and Athena’s “ghost.” This is not to be missed." Read more.

Subtle Asian Book Club

The book: This Is How You Lose the Time War, by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone

Our reviewer says: "Part epistolary romance, part mind-blowing science fiction adventure, this dazzling story unfolds bit by bit, revealing layers of meaning as it plays with cause and effect, wildly imaginative technologies, and increasingly intricate wordplay." Read more.