TikTok Boom

The #4 book on our children’s fiction list, Leigh Howard and the Ghosts of Simmons-Pierce Manor, is Army veteran Shawn M. Warner’s debut, which he self-published in November. On July 2, while he was promoting his YA murder mystery at a Kroger in Fort Worth, Tex., TikTokker Jerrad Swearenjin walked by and thought Warner looked “super defeated” sitting at his signing table. He decided to give Warner a boost and their filmed interaction went viral—19 million views and counting. Warner joined TikTok the next day and has been posting updates on the extensive media coverage—Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight, and more—always making sure to express gratitude for the “love and support” he’s received.

Switching Things Up

The #1 book in the country is the collector’s edition hardcover The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the official guide to the Nintendo Switch game of the same name. The book went on sale Friday, July 7, so the 59K print units sold represent just two days of sales. Impressive, but perhaps not surprising, given that Nintendo says it sold 10 million copies of the game worldwide in its first three days of release, more than four million of those in the Americas.

In Clubland

Yellowface by R.F. Kuang, which our starred review called an “excellent satire,” pubbed in May and just got the July nod from Reese’s Book Club. It’s up eight spots to #10 on our hardcover fiction list, with print unit sales up 41% compared to last week.

Barnes & Noble Book Club tapped Little Monsters, Adrienne Brodeur’s “shimmering novel,” according to our starred review. It moves up three spots to #20 on our extended hardcover fiction list, available with the rest of our comprehensive bestseller coverage at publishersweekly.com/bestsellers.

New & Notable

Ramin Zahed
#2 Hardcover Nonfiction
Zahed, editor-in-chief of Animation magazine, is the author of several “the art of” books, including one for the first Spider-Verse movie, which has sold 75K print copies since its 2018 publication.

TJ Klune
#12 Hardcover Fiction
“Bestseller Klune opens his Green Creek series with this slow-burning and intricate urban fantasy, originally self-published in 2015,” per our review of this shape-shifter romance. “The immersive­—if slightly overlong—plot offers plenty of opportunities to fall in love with these characters.”